Are The Water Villas In Maldives Good For Family Trips?

  • February 23, 2022
Water Villas of Maldives

The island nation of Maldives is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Asia. Most of us picture Maldives as a honeymoon destination. Of course, the fabulous blue beaches and solitary islands of Maldives are perfect for honeymooners. But they are good for family trips also. Well, I recently visited Maldives with my family, and we thoroughly enjoyed the tour. We stayed in a resort which had water villas with private access to the sea. It was a fun-filled trip for me and my family. Here is my take on the water villas in Maldives.

About Maldives

We often hear the words ‘sunny side of life’ tagged with Maldives. Bright tropical Sun, sugary white sands, and turquoise blue waters of Maldivian islands are the fantasy of most globetrotters.  The Republic of Maldives is an archipelago, or a collection of several small and big islands. The nation has 26 ring-shaped atolls made of coral reefs, with small islands sprinkled all around these atoll rings. Maldives has an amazing assortment of marine creatures and vibrant coral reefs. This is the smallest nation in Asia, but is one of the most popular nations in terms of tourism. 

Being a collection of islands, Maldives does not have rivers or hills. There are dunes which may give the appearance of small hills. And there are small lakes and marshes as well. The country has more than 1,000 islands in total. Out of these, only around 200 islands are inhabited. Several islands are entirely occupied by tourist resorts. India and Sri Lanka are the nearest neighbors of Maldivian islands. Tourism is a thriving sector in Maldives.

Maldives Sand Banks
Sand Banks of Maldives

Water Villas in Maldives

The moment you start exploring the holiday options in Maldives, pictures of fabulous villas standing over stilts jutting into the sea will appear before your eyes. They look so captivating! Overwater villas of Maldives are totally charming, even in pictures. Why are water villas very common in Maldives? It is because of the geographical nature of the country and the ocean surrounding it. Many islands have shallow waters surrounding them for a long distance. Absence of waves makes the waters look like giant-sized swimming pools. Several of these islands are entirely occupied by tourist resorts. Water villas are the best options for tourists to stay as close to water as nature will allow them. In most resorts, they are the priciest options as well!

Most water villas are built over wooden stilts, and have all modern facilities. Spacious beds and baths, private sundecks and even Jacuzzi are present in these villas. They are built over shallow waters, so guests can fearlessly get down into the water from their own villas. Overwater villas in some resorts have see-through glasses in parts of their flooring, and even retractable roofs. You will feel like living over the ocean, and under the starlit sky. We cannot generalize the facilities available in the water villas, as they vary from resort to resort. Nevertheless, most resorts in Maldives include overwater villas in their high-end category, so you won’t feel lacking in any comfort.

My Experience With Water Villas in Maldives

During my week-long trip to Maldives, I stayed in Meeru Island Resort with my family for a couple of days. It was here that we experienced the beauty of the waterfront villas of Maldives. The resort policy did not allow families with kids to stay in water villas. But they allowed us to experience it for a few hours as a part of my vlogging. My kids loved the resort and had a wonderful time playing in the shallow ocean waters. Water villas at Meeru Island Resort ensure total privacy inside the rooms. However, they are built close to each other. So we should not create noise or disturb the privacy of others. Whether we are with our family, friends, or partners, we need to maintain a decorum while in public.

Water villas of Meeru Island Resort look splendid from inside and outside. There is a long wooden pathway into the ocean, with villas on either side. My younger one remarked that it was like a walk through the ocean! It was true. Every villa had its own private deck. At the farthest end of the walkway was another deck with relaxing chairs. From here, we can see the ocean waves a little ahead. I loved the whole concept of water villas. There is nothing like a calm ocean to unwind and rejuvenate yourself! My kids loved playing in the sea water, but they were equally happy about the Jacuzzi in the room. Apart from water villas, Meeru Island Resort offers beach view and garden view villas too.

My Maldives trip (Video with English subtitles)

More About Meeru Island Resort

Beach villas at Meeru Island Resort are as charming as the water villas! You stay so close to the ocean that you can hear the soothing sound of waves from inside the cottages. The sugary sand beaches are lined with coconut and other trees. Relax on a hammock under the shady trees while enjoying the gentle sea breeze! Isn’t that a perfect holiday? The resort has several activities for family travelers. They offer water-based activities such as snorkeling, jet skiing, or scuba diving, and even land sports such as golf, tennis, or football. You can take bicycles on rent and explore the island all by yourself. Kids can enjoy sand castle building, coconut painting or similar activities. My kids enjoyed every moment that we spent in Meeru Island Resort.

Do The Water Villas Ensure Privacy and Safety?

Water villas are built over stilts on shallow ocean waters. These areas are free from high tides, and so there is no cause for concern about safety aspects. You will find varieties of marine creatures in the waters around the villas. They are not harmful either. Moreover, most resorts take utmost care to ensure the safety of guests. As I already mentioned, Meeru Island Resort does not allow families with little kids to stay in water villas. Several other resorts in Maldives follow the same policy.

I believe that the reason behind this is not the lack of safety. These villas are designed to provide total privacy, especially for honeymooners. Having little kids around may invade their privacy. Several resorts in Maldives have family water villas as well. There are high-end resorts where each unit of water villa is complete with a private pool, kitchen, sundeck, and everything you could ask for. So if you ask me whether water villas guarantee safety and privacy, my answer is yes, they do.

Activities in Maldives for Family Trips

Is Maldives good for family trips? This is another question that I often hear from my viewers and friends. Maldives gained popularity as a honeymoon destination. But it is definitely good for a family holiday or for a holiday with friends. Even solo travelers find the place enchanting. This is one place that looks exactly like what we see in pictures. Blue waters and magnificent underwater creatures amaze us, just as they do in pictures. From my experience, I can guarantee that it is ideal for family trips with kids. There are lots of activities to keep the kids engaged. Snorkeling, jet skiing, fun tubing, and dolphin watching are some activities that will excite your kids. 

Exploring the world under water through snorkeling is a fun-filled activity where you can watch the fishes, rays, sharks, and dolphins reveling in their own habitat. Snorkeling is the best and safest water activity in Maldives that you can promise your kids, no matter which resort you are staying. Most resorts are close to coral reefs, so just step outside your resort, and you will find a new world waiting for you. Moreover, Maldives waters are crystal clear most of the time. You can spot the marine life forms even from the water surface. Even non-swimmers will enjoy snorkeling in Maldives.

Are All Water Villas Expensive?

Overwater villas in Maldives generally come under the expensive category. It goes without saying that the higher price you pay, the more facilities you will get. There are a few water villas that come at affordable rates too. Our travel agent for Meeru Island Resort offers Maldives tour packages with water villa stay for 3 nights and 4 days from a starting price of Rs.180,000 onwards. You will not find water villas in all resorts. If you wish to stay exclusively in overwater villas, you will need to confirm this with the resort. If you are travelling with kids, I would advise you to get prior confirmation that they allow families with kids to stay in water villas. During my weeklong vlogging trip, I got a chance to explore some cheaper stay options in Maldives too.

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