Top Things To Do In Maldives: Reasons To Visit Maldives in 2022

  • March 24, 2022
Top things to do in Maldives

Things have been slow in the tourist circuit for the past two years. The pandemic that turned our lives upside down is now showing signs of retreat. So this is the perfect time to plan a big holiday. Speaking of holidays, Maldives is one destination that most globetrotters have on their list. It is an archipelagic nation located in South Asia. It is a frontrunner among all tourist destinations in Asia. Crystal blue waters, sugary white sands and oodles of luxury attract plenty to this island destination. Why is it good to visit Maldives in 2022? Let us go through the reasons, and the top things to do in Maldives.

Why Visit Maldives?

There are a thousand reasons why the fabulous destination of Maldives should be on your bucket list. The unique structure of Maldivian islands give them long shallow coasts which are perfect for water villas and other water amusements. If you wish to splurge on your vacation, do not think twice. Book a tour of the Maldives. Even if you don’t have a fat pocket, you can visit this wonderful destination. There are affordable stays and tour plans too.

Plan Your Dream Destination Wedding

Have you been putting off your wedding plans for a while now? The pandemic did spoil the wedding plans for many of us. Now is the time to recover what you lost. For all of you who dream of a destination wedding, which destination will be better than Maldives? The nation of Maldives is brimming with tiny islands and sandbanks that beckon the romantic in you. If you saved enough for your big day, Maldives is one of the best places to make the money work for you. Many resorts in Maldives arrange destination weddings on demand. You can choose to say ‘I do’ under the starlit sky or on a white sand paradise. 

Sandbanks of Maldives are wonderful locales for planning a wedding ceremony. They are tiny private islands where there is nothing but pure white sand. You can transport your guests from the mainland, and have a wonderful gathering. The biggest advantage of sandbanks wedding is that it guarantees total privacy. There won’t be anybody other than your preferred guests and event organizers. Beach weddings are also quite popular in Maldives. Imagine a barefoot walk down the aisle with soft sands caressing your feet. It can become true if you plan a destination wedding in Maldives.

Top things to do in Maldives

A Marvelous Honeymoon Spot

Honeymoon packages sell like hot cakes in the resorts of Maldives. Among the top things to do in Maldives, private honeymoon tours are the most sought-after. Emerald green waters and pristine white beaches of Maldives are unparalleled. People view Maldives as the perfect destination to enjoy the early days of their wedlock. As most resorts are on private islands, total privacy is one thing that they guarantee. If you are in a mood to explore a little around, you can book private tours to the nearby islands. Whether you want a candlelight dinner or a thrilling underwater adventure, Maldives has it all!

Water villas in Maldives are ideal for honeymooners. Facilities in waterfront villas vary depending on the price range, but most of the water villas are high-end category accommodations in resorts. These villas are built on stilts over shallow waters, and will have direct access to the water. You can enjoy your own private piece of the water, away from all prying eyes. Most resorts in Maldives offer all luxuries to their guests. They guarantee total privacy too. Undoubtedly, this is the combination that all newlyweds look forward to. They enjoy their honeymoon and go back with a kitty full of romantic memories!

Maldives honeymoon

Fun-filled Family Vacations 

Although Maldives is touted as a destination for couples and honeymooners, it has a lot to offer for families as well. If you have little kids in the family, they will definitely love this island destination. Kids all over the world love playing in water and watching the underwater creatures. What better place than Maldives to let your guard down, and allow your kids to have a gala time? The biggest advantage of Maldives is that the water around the islands is mostly shallow, and you can play fearlessly. There are a plethora of activities here that will keep your kids busy throughout their vacation. Snorkeling, paragliding, water sports, dolphin watching, you name it they have it.

If your children are still tiny tots, they will enjoy playing on the beach and building sand castles. Beaches are perfectly clean and safe for kids to play around. Some resorts have kids clubs which give kids the extra attention they want. Moreover, you can book private cruise trips to enjoy maximum quality time with family. Book a family tour to Maldives, and you will return rejuvenated!

Meeru Island beach Maldives
Beach at Meeru Island Maldives

Solo or Group Trips Welcome

These are the days of solo travelers. Just pack a backpack, start your bike, and zoom! Is Maldives an ideal destination for a solo traveler? Yes, it is. Several resorts in Maldives offer package tours for solo travelers. If you can afford the expenses of traveling alone, there is a lot waiting for you. Touring with a group of like-minded friends will be equally enjoyable. Activities like surfing, snorkeling can be enjoyed whether you are single or with friends. Maldives is an ideal vacation destination for solo travels or for travel with friends.

Top Things To Do In Maldives

The idea of a happy vacation differs from person to person. Some of us love to simply relax and laze around, while some want to roam around and catch every attraction that the destination has to offer. But we all want to make the best out of our vacations. The islands of Maldives are storehouses of tourist attractions of every kind. Let us have a look at the top things to do in Maldives.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Among all the tourist attractions of Maldives, snorkeling and scuba diving are the most popular ones. The beauty of Maldives is that snorkeling is possible almost everywhere. Colorful coral reefs surround most islands and atolls, so you find a different world under water just by stepping out of the resort. But not every resort will have coral reefs close to their shores. In some cases, they take you by boat to specified areas where you can watch marine life forms and corals. Maldives is totally safe for snorkeling, even for non-swimmers. Just put on your snorkeling gear, walk in the shallow waters, and take a peep under water. Water is crystal-clear most of the time. You will see an amazing world of corals and marine lifeforms! While snorkeling in Maldives, you are likely to encounter manta rays, stingrays, reef fish, dolphins, turtles, whale sharks and much more. 

While snorkeling allows you to stay close to the water surface, scuba diving is for descending into the depths. If you are willing to dive deep into the water, scuba diving is a better choice. You can delve into the depths, and have a close encounter with the coral reefs and marine creatures. Scuba diving is more exciting than snorkeling. Multi-colored reefs everywhere, and schools of fishes, dolphins or turtles swimming around you. It is amazing to feel like a part of this marine family for a short while! Scuba diving is definitely one of the top things to do in Maldives.

Swimming and Surfing

Visit Maldives and miss a good round of swimming? Impossible. Maldives is famous as a year-round swimming destination. Although most people prefer snorkeling or diving, Maldives is good for swimming as well. Water is never too cold for a swim. Moreover, it is perfectly safe to swim in most areas. Of course, it is better to listen to the local authorities and experts while choosing your swimming spot so as to avoid any mishaps. Waters are shallow at most places, and you can swim peacefully at your own pace. Lack of huge waves is another interesting aspect of Maldives. If you are scared of venturing deep into the water, you can be in knee-deep water, without even a wave to annoy you.

Surfing is another one among the top things to do in Maldives. It is for the tourists who love thrilling and adventurous experiences. While Maldives is generally devoid of huge waves, there are specified areas in the ocean where you can ride the ocean waves over a surfboard. A boat ride will take you to these areas. April to October is the best season for surfing in Maldives. The waves in Maldivian waters are not too high or powerful, but their swells are good for skilled surfers. If you are an intermediate or advanced level surfer, you will enjoy zooming with the waves during your Maldives tour. 

Island Hopping

As we know, Maldives is a cluster of more than 1000 islands. As a tourist, you will be staying in one of them. What about the rest? If you wish to explore the islands of Maldives, an island hopping tour is the best way. You move around from island to island, watching and experiencing the unique things that each of them offers. Some islands are inhabited by the local people. These are the best for cultural enthusiasts. You can watch a slice of life of the local Maldivian people, and maybe enjoy some food or drinks with them. Some local people allow tourists to experience fishing and other indigenous activities. 

Island hopping tours are one of the top things to do in Maldives. You can travel from island to island by boat, and explore the individual islands on foot. Every island in Maldives is unique in some respect. Some are teeming with local life, while some are totally deserted. Some islands have swamps and mangroves in them, while others have just sandbanks all around. Your tour operators may arrange for traditional Maldivian dinner or seaside dinners. An island hopping tour is the best way to experience the best of Maldives in a short span of time.

Dolphin Watching Tours

The waters close to Maldives are the thriving areas of dolphins. These gentle marine creatures are playful and fun to watch. Dolphins are highly intelligent too. One of the top things to do in Maldives is to go on a boat ride that will take you close to the dolphins. The tour operator will transport you in a group by boat to the designated area. Here you will see what you have seen only in movies. Innumerable dolphins swimming along the sides of the boat. Some may take a dive or jump, just to impress you with their skills! Be ready with your cameras, to capture these skilled divers at the right moment. This is a short trip, and takes only an hour or two of your time. But the experience is unforgettable! 

Pods of dolphins in the Maldives Indian Ocean
Dolphins in the Indian Ocean

Submarine Tours

You are in Maldives, and would love to see life under water. But you are dead scared of diving, or water in general. Is there a way out? Yes, submarine tours are for you. Taking a submarine tour is one of the best tourist activities in Maldives. You can hop into the submarine, sit comfortably in an air-conditioned atmosphere and go deep into the ocean. There you watch all sorts of marine creatures and colorful coral reefs through glass partitions, without so much as getting your fingertips wet. Well, this does not come at par with the real experience of diving into the deep sea. But submarine tours have an extra advantage. You can listen to the guides while they explain all facts about the marine life of Maldives. This is not possible in scuba diving, as one cannot talk underwater. Submarine tours are short duration trips.

Seaplane Ride

We always love to be on top, right? When you are in Maldives, a view from top is priceless. This archipelago of islands looks splendid against the backdrop of the clear blue of oceans. The flight journey to Maldives will give you a fleeting view of the blue oceans and white beaches. But a ride in seaplanes will allow tourists to fly over the clusters of islands sprinkled in the Indian Ocean, offering incredible views from all sides! Seaplanes function as air taxis as well in Maldives. It is the quickest way to reach the far off islands from Male International Airport. These are tiny airplanes with not more than 15 seats in total. Though an air taxi is the not a cheap mode of transportation to reach your island from the airport, it is definitely worth a try provided it fits into your pocket.

Exploring the Capital, Male

Male, the capital city of Maldives, is densely populated. A tour of the capital city is one of the top things to do in Maldives, provided you are looking for a peek into their local culture. Grand Friday Mosque is a prominent landmark in this city, and is worth a visit. The grand structure built using white marbles is a feast for your eyes. Tsunami Monument and National Museum are other tourist attractions in Male. If you are interested, you can also roam around the local markets. Male fish market is an interesting place for tourists. Here you can watch the amazing assortment of sea creatures that the ocean waters offer to Maldivians.

Beach Fun and Water Sports

Reveling in the pure white sands of Maldives beaches deserve a special mention among the top things to do in Maldives. The sand is so soft and clean that you can fearlessly watch barefoot. This is a place where you let wind play with your hair, and sands soothe your feet. Kids are the ones who love beaches the most. There won’t be a kid who doesn’t love building sand castles. For elders, relaxing on a hammock or sunbathing in the pristine beaches is a perfect way to unwind. If you wish to play in the water, there are options such as parasailing, banana boats, fun tubing, wakeboarding or jet skiing.

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