Waffee House Kottayam For Waffles And More

  • November 10, 2021
Kottayam Waffee House

Do you love waffles? This European delicacy was quick to capture our taste buds, right? Well, if you are in Kottayam and crave for waffles, there is a good option for you. Waffee House in Kottayam is an eatery that serves waffles, pancakes and shakes. Waffee House is a cafe that exclusively sells desserts with vegetarian ingredients. Chocolate rules the menu here. Triple chocolate waffle, Belgian dark chocolate waffle, and Lotus Biscoff Shake are some of the special items on their menu that the customers adore. There are many varieties of pancakes too, such as Kitkat pancake and Nutella pancake. Items are moderately priced.

This café is located on CMS College Road, and has ample parking space nearby. Air conditioned interiors of the shop look elegant. Smell of freshly baked waffles that permeates the air is very tempting. Although small, it is a place where you can take your kids for their favourite waffles. They are open from 11 AM to 11 PM, on all days. You can order takeaways, or home deliveries through online food delivery platforms.

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V Publishers Building, CMS College Rd, Puthiya Thrikovil Residents Association, Kottayam Ph: 9995321069

Location map: https://g.page/waffee-house?share

4.3 based on 154 reviews

“Lotus biscoff and twix were my fav shakes from Waffee house. Do give it a try if you’re somewhere near Kottayam town. Reasonably priced and good ambience.” – Steve Francis

“Belgian Dark Chocolate Waffle | Triple Chocolate Waffle | Raspberry smoothie 🥤Were ordered and beautiful ambiance and excellent service

Top-notch waffles and smoothies ever tasted in town👌”
– David Wilson

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