The Salt Restaurant Panampilly Nagar

  • November 22, 2021
The Salt Restaurant Panampilly Nagar

If you wish to explore fusion food in Ernakulam, The Salt is one of the places to go. The food here is as unique as the name of the restaurant. The Salt Restaurant in Panampilly Nagar Ernakulam is on the priority list of customers who would love to explore new and unique tastes in a cozy ambiance. This restaurant is only for non-vegetarian food.

At The Salt Restaurant, they give importance to multi-cuisine fusion food. The executive chef of the restaurant hails from Nepal. The chef and the owner together brainstormed to create all the unique items on the menu. Most of the items on their menu are rice-based. Khaf, one of the special dishes on their menu, is a combination of crispy chicken, beef or shrimps, together with boiled vegetables, Mexican rice, bullseye, and black pepper sauce. All the sauces are their in-house preparations. Customers love dishes like English Biryani and Family Kebab as well. The restaurant serves Mandis too, but with a difference. The list of Mandis include Saro Mandi, Murash Mandi, Murchi Mandhi and a few more. According to the owner, they use real colors extracted from spinach for their dishes.

The Salt has two restaurants in Ernakulam, one is in Thoppumpady and the other is in Panampilly Nagar. Both the outlets have wonderful ambiance. Their Panampilly Nagar outlet is housed in three floors. It has an elegant look from outside as well as inside. There is an air conditioned dining space, and also an open air seating. Most customers who visit the place love the ambiance.?Food is neither too expensive, nor in the budget category. Friendly staff at the restaurant have received praise from many customers. Most of all, people love the place for the quality and quantity of food they serve. The restaurant remains open on all days, from 12 PM to 12 AM. There are parking facilities at the restaurant. You can dine-in, or order takeaways.??

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1st cross road, Elders Forum Rd, Panampilly Nagar, Ernakulam

4.2 based on 1413 reviews

“Oh man, trust me it’s a place to “Have GOOD FOOD”
The is one of the best places to eat food in Cochin/Kerala.

1) The quality of the food is damn good
2) Their service is very good and the staff is extremely welcoming
3) The food’s quality is top-notch

Please so visit this place, you will never regret” –
Sam Mathew

“Variety dishes, affordable price, good host and I must say the most attracting factor of salt is its ambience. The warmth and magical feel really making their dishes more tastier. They offer a wide variety of dishes also.” – Amitha P Asok

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