Tasty Meals Kottayam For Homely Meals

  • November 9, 2021
Tasty Meals Kottayam

Located in Kottayam town, Tasty Meals is a budget hotel that caters to common man. It is a hotel that serves only meals, and is open only during lunch hours. Strategic location close to the poultry market has given many regular customers to this hotel.

At Tasty Meals, they serve meals at rates affordable for common man. A standard meal including fish fry will cost you just Rs.50. This will include rice with two to three curries in addition to the fish fry. It is a good option to enjoy lunch when you are at Kottayam market. This is a small restaurant that functions as part of a home, so do not expect the ambiance of a posh restaurant. In the dining area, you will find only ordinary tables and plastic stools to sit. It is kept neatly. People who come to the market are the most frequent visitors here.

 If you have visited Kottayam Kozhi Chanda (poultry market), there are chances that you have visited or at least seen this restaurant. But you may not recognize it from the name Tasty Meals, since they have not displayed a name board outside the hotel.  The restaurant is open only from 12 PM to 3 PM. It remains closed on Sundays. You can dine here, or take parcels. There is no parking facility at the restaurant. 

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Market Landing Rd, Market, Kottayam Ph: 9037319086

Location map: https://goo.gl/maps/MDLrw8HHtuPtobDR8

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