Shihab Homely Meals For Bus Travelers Of Changanassery

  • November 11, 2021
Shihab Homely Meals Changanassery

There are several homely meals shops in Kerala that cater to a specific section of people. Shihab Homely Meals in Changanassery is one such lunch home that is meant only for travelers who visit Changanassery private bus stand. Shihab Homely Meals functions as part of a home. The entrance to this shop is through the private bus stand. Most people of Changanassery who travel by private buses know about this tiny Veettil Onnu kada. Other than bus travellers, very few people come here. There are many who regularly take their lunch from here.

As the name suggests, meals are a simple homely affair. A standard meal will cost you only Rs.50. It includes rice and a few curries. You can order fish fries and omelettes as additional items, but it will cost you an extra Rs.20. Being a lunch home, it is open only during lunch hours, from 12 PM to 3 PM. You cannot expect a lunch home inside the private bus stand to be very classy. Dining space is small, yet maintained neatly. As this eatery is meant for people who travel by bus, lack of parking facilities is not an issue.

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