Shawarmi Restaurant Kottayam

  • November 9, 2021
Shawarmi Restaurant Kottayam

The popular Arabic dish Shawarma has been the favourite of many of us for quite a while now. There are outlets selling Shawarma in every nook and corner of Kerala. If you are in Kottayam, there is a restaurant that serves this tasty Arabic dish.  As the name suggests, Shawarmi Restaurant in Kottayam serves Shawarma. Along with Shawarma, they serve the other standard Arabic dishes such as Al Faham, Shawai, and barbecued items. They serve juices and shakes as well. All the items are moderately priced.

Customers who reviewed this restaurant on Google have a good opinion about the quality of Shawarma served here. Shawarmi is centrally located in TB Road, in Kottayam town. You won’t find any parking space near the restaurant. Interior space is small and not air conditioned, but is maintained neatly. It looks more like a food outlet than a lavish restaurant. The restaurant is open from 11 AM to 9 PM on all days. There are no holidays. You can opt for dine-in or takeaways.

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Tourist Bungalow Road, Kottayam

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4.2 based on 57 reviews

“Good taste of shawarma with salted salads… Can have fresh juices also… nice spot to have mini dinner at evening” – Selva Kumar

“It was nice, A different kinda shawarma. Had the special chicken shawarma with added cheese. Felt a taste of yum yum butterchicken somewere in between… Must be the added cheese effect … Also had an orange juice which was great.”– Nandu Sajeev

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