Mythri Veettil Oonu Changanassery

  • November 7, 2021
Mythri Veettil Oonu Changanassery

In almost all towns of Kerala, we find small roadside houses or shops with the board ‘Veettil Oonu’ displayed in front. They are known for serving home-cooked meals at affordable prices. Mythri veettil Oonu Changanassery is one such small eatery that functions from a home.

Mythri Veettil Oonu serves traditional Kerala meals at Rs.60 for one person. A standard lunch will have rice and three to four curries. If you wish to have any extra dishes like fish fries, you will need to pay an additional Rs.40. Currently, they serve meals in paper plates shaped like a leaf, which is not very appealing. According to the owners, this is a temporary arrangement due to the pandemic scenario. They regularly serve food in steel plates.

This shop is located at Mythri Nagar on Changanassery Bypass Road. Like most other Veettil Oonu shops, this shop has very modest arrangements. It is a common man’s lunch home. There is sufficient dining space to cater to their regular crowd, and the owners maintain the place well. There is a separate room for families too, though this is also very commonplace.

Just beside the Veettil Oonu kada, there is another shop that sells fried snacks like Bajji, Pazhampori, and Vada. The same couple own both these shops. The husband takes care of the snacks shop, while his wife runs the hotel. This shop is popular in the locality as they serve good food in a decent ambiance. The Oonu Kada is open only during the lunch hours, from 11:30 AM to 3 PM. The snacks shop is open from 12 PM to 8 PM. Sundays are holidays for this shop. There is a limited parking space in front of the shop. As it is located beside the Bypass Road, it is easily accessible as well.

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