Macha Fast Food Kanjirappally -Machan’s Thattukada

  • November 6, 2021
Macha Fast Food Kanjirappally

Macha Fast Food is a small eatery located in Kanjirappally. Here we get typical Kerala food items like Porotta, and Arabian dishes like Shawarma. This is a restaurant, or rather, a Thattukada that serves only non-vegetarian food. Name board of the shop mentions items like Poricha Kozhi (fried chicken), chapathi, and Porotta. There are dishes like Al Faham as well.

Macha Fast Food is not a posh restaurant. It is just another local eatery, when seen from outside. Interiors are neat, but with ordinary looking chairs and tables. There is no air conditioned seating arrangement. There are no parking facilities available here. You won’t find a touch of lavishness anywhere. In short, Macha Fast Food is similar to the local Thattukadas, but the food served is not limited to the usual Thattukada menu. There are very few Google reviews for this restaurant, but reviews do mention that their food is tasty. Food items are not expensive, which suits the common man’s pocket.

It is a common man’s eatery located beside the Kanjirappally bypass road. It is easily accessible by vehicles. The shop is open from 4 PM till midnight. So this can be an option for late night dinners or snacks. In fact, this is one of the few eateries in the locality that remains open till midnight.  If you do not wish to sit here and eat, you can order takeaways also.

Google reviews for Macha Fast Food Kanjirappally

Kanjirapally Bypass Rd, Kanjirappally, Kerala

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3.8 based on 16 reviews

“The chicken Shawrama was delicious” – Janetta Saji

“At odd hours thattukadas like this is only available hotel in the locality. Food is tasty” – Rajeev Joseph

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