Kunafa World For A Different Dessert Experience In Kochi

  • November 26, 2021
Kunafa World Panampilly Nagar

Most of us love desserts after a tasty meal. Well, if you are ready to give a break to the regular ice creams and sweets, you can try out a relatively new outlet in Kochi just for desserts. Kunafa World in Panampilly Nagar is an outlet that serves Kunafa. The Middle Eastern dessert Kunafa is made with semolina dough soaked in sugar syrup and layered with cheese or cream.

Kunafa World is a recent addition to the list of eateries in Kochi. This is a vegetarian restaurant which means that all Kunafas have purely vegetarian ingredients. Their first outlet was in Bangalore, and the first outlet in Kerala was opened in Kasaragod. The one in Kochi is a relatively new addition. Kunafas are available in different varieties. There are classic Kunafas such as Caramel Kunafa, Kit-kat Kunafa and Snickers Kunafa. Then there are several combos, which mostly include a combination of classic, mini, and cone Kunafas. At Kunafa World, they use their own in-house cream for all the delicacies. Items on the menu are a bit expensive for common man. 

This is a self-service restaurant with ample space for sitting and dining. Interiors look very clean and classy. There is sufficient space for parking your vehicle. But there are no washroom facilities here. The restaurant is open from 11 AM to 11 PM on all days. This is a good place where you can take your family for a different dessert experience. Most Google reviewers have good opinions about the quality of food at the restaurant.

Google Reviews for Kunafa World Panampilly Nagar

House number HIG, 36, Panampilly Nagar Ave, Main Avenue, Kochi 

Location map: https://goo.gl/maps/ZSDevmkJ9UxdauXK8

4.2 based on 112 reviews

Perfect place for a dessert after meal. We loved the Kunaffa’s and the experience the place had to offer. The prices are reasonable. Though it is a self service restaurant, the process isn’t very cumbersome. There is enough and more parking space around the restaurant. I just hope more and more people learn about the place bad start visiting” – Sumit Raj

Good vibes and nice presentation.. Tried kunafa for the first time from here.. Was tasty and sweet” – Angel’s Lavender

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