Kumbalangikkaran Seafood Restaurant Panampilly Nagar

  • November 26, 2021
Kumbalangikkaran Seafood Restaurant Panampilly Nagar

Kochi is a seafood destination owing to its proximity to the ocean. There are countless seafood centers in this city. Kumbalangikkaran Seafood Restaurant in Panampilly Nagar is one of them. You will get several varieties of fish, crab or prawns recipes at this restaurant. The name Kumbalangikkaran will remind us of Kumbalangi, the tiny island village in Kochi which is famous for fishing as well as tourism.

Kumbalangikkaran Restaurant has most seafood items on their platter. Karimeen Pollichathu (pearl spot cooked in banana leaf), which is highly popular with tourists, is available here. There are many other varieties of fish fries and roasts. You will get Biryanis with seafood ingredients, such as fish biryani and prawns biryani. There is a special Pothichoru, which includes 5 vegetarian and 5 non-vegetarian dishes. Menu also includes Kerala special breakfast items like Pathiri, Puttu and Palappam. But the items are not very pocket-friendly. A standard vegetarian meal will cost you Rs.100. Chicken and beef dishes are also available here.

Kumbalangikkaran gets a thumbs up with respect to its ambiance. Interior space looks unique. There are beautiful drawings of crabs, prawns and fishermen on the walls, which go well with the theme of the restaurant. Washrooms are available here. Soft lighting and air-conditioned interiors make this a good place for a relaxed eat-out. The restaurant has parking facilities also. It remains open from 11 AM to 11 PM. Despite the good ambiance, this restaurant has failed to get good reviews on Google. There are only a few reviews, and they give mixed opinions about the quality of food.

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Kallarackal Enclave, Opposite Federal Bank, Panampilly Nagar Kochi Ph:  9074212727, 8848874131

Location map: https://goo.gl/maps/H7wdBcxdpefAhn9B6

3.1 based on 19 reviews

“Very bad food. Beef roast is full of oil and very spicy. And also the beef is not cooked properly. Chappathi and porota they serve is ready to cook packet foods. It’s 20 rs for a chappathi. We’ll get 10 chappathis for 50 rs from supermarket. All food items are very expensive and very bad quality. Will never visit this restaurant again.” – Sampath S Nair

good place to experience the tasty and fresh food . Worth for the money…visited couple of times. Vey much satisfied with the taste and service. Recommended for everyone.” – Umesh Ks

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