Keerikkadans Restaurant Panampilly Nagar

  • November 26, 2021
Keerikkadans Restaurant Panampilly Nagar

We find all kinds of eateries in the city of Ernakulam, whether budget hotels or luxurious restaurants. Keerikkadans Restaurant located in Panampilly Nagar is a restaurant that serves pocket-friendly meals. The present owners bought the place a year back. Previous owners were also running the restaurant under the same name. Regular meals and Chattichoru are the specialties at this restaurant.

Chattichoru will have a combination of rice and several curries, all served together in an earthen bowl. A regular meal at Keerikkadans will cost you only Rs.60. The restaurant serves Biryani varieties such as chicken and beef biryani. You can also choose from the several varieties of fish fries that will be available every day. Chicken fry, chicken roast, beef fry, beef roast and chapathi are also served here. 

Keerikkadans is not a fancy restaurant with rich interiors. It is a restaurant for common man and working people in the locality who look for affordable meals without having to travel too much. Interiors look neat, but not classy. There are limited facilities for dining at the restaurant. They do not have washroom facilities. The restaurant opens at 11:30 AM and closes at 9 PM. Though they don’t have a dedicated parking lot, you can find some space to park your vehicle. You can order through online food delivery apps such as Zomato as well.

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11th Cross Rd, MIG Housing Society, Panampilly Nagar, Ernakulam Ph: 8089581239

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Food was good pre Covid now chef or something has changed recipe and taste has changed ,but cost effective and polite behavior of employees gives a hope” – bert esthappan

Good Food. After Covid pandemic they have opened in full swing. Try some variet dishes” – ArunRaj Pillai

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