Iftar Hotel Vizhinjam

  • December 17, 2021
Iftar Hotel Vizhinjam

Vizhinjam is a coastal area in Trivandrum district. It is located at a distance of around 20 kilometers from the city. Here we will find several restaurants that specialize in seafood due to its proximity to the sea. Iftar Hotel at Vizhinjam is one of those. Seafood recipes are their specialty. So is their fried chicken. This restaurant is located in a busy locality, and attracts lots of people despite the lack of a luxurious ambiance.

At Iftar Hotel, you will get most varieties of fish fries. Price of these will depend on the size and type of fish. Seafood items like mussels, crab, and fish roe are also available here. Chicken fries have an extra topping of fried masala mixture. According to the owners, there are 18 ingredients in this mixture, and they keep those secret ingredients to themselves. Along with these, you can have Kerala special snacks such as Pathiri, Porotta, Idiyappam or Orotti. Fish and chicken frying takes place in an open counter in front of the restaurant, so you can have a look for yourself.

Iftar Hotel does not have a luxurious ambiance. Dining area is small and a bit congested. There are no parking facilities here. Some items on the menu are a bit too expensive for the common man. The restaurant remains open from 2 PM to 11 PM on all days. You can dine-in or take parcels. Currently they do not provide deliveries. Food N Travel team visited Iftar Hotel, and found the food to be good, but not excellent.

Food N Travel Ratings for Iftar Hotel Vizhinjam

Vizhinjam, Kovalam

Location Map: https://goo.gl/maps/Whh9Ufg66hCtf5WWA

Price of food that we tried in this restaurant:

  • Parotta: Rs. 5.00
  • Orotti: Rs. 7.00
  • Chicken: Rs. 100.00 (per piece)
  • Fish fry: Rs. 400.00 (as per size)
  • Kallummakkaya: Rs. 200.00 
  • Meen mutta: Rs. 150.00 (as per size) 
  • Sulaimani: Rs. 10.00

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