Hotel Star Aroor: A Modest Seafood Restaurant

  • February 22, 2022
Hotel Star Aroor

Kochi is famous for seafood restaurants that suit every budget. Whether you want a lavish seafood lunch at a high-end restaurant or a simple and homely seafood meal, there are many options in and around Kochi. Hotel Star in Aroor is a small restaurant that provides meals at prices that are affordable to common man. This restaurant is located in Aroor, a quiet suburb of Kochi, which is at a distance of around 12 kilometers from Vytilla.

Pocket-friendly Lunch

As I am a great lover of seafood delicacies, I was drooling when I entered their kitchen and saw the variety there. I asked the elderly lady who was in charge about their specials for the day. She gave me a long list of items such as Karimeen (king fish), tilapia, prawns, shrimps, Kalanji (Asian seabass), crabs, clams, and still some more! The specialty of food at Star Hotel Aroor is that the fish dishes are not overly spicy. Of course, they are spicy, but not too much. I felt that coconut milk which they add to fish curries helps in balancing the spiciness of curries. All the curries were tasty, but I loved the Kanambu (bluespot mullet) fish curry the most. Tilapia fry was another knock-out hit.  Fish curries cooked in the traditional manner using Malabar tamarind had a homely touch.

Hotel Star Aroor

A regular lunch at Star Hotel is quite affordable. It costs only Rs.50, and includes rice, sambar, fish curry, pulissery and a few side dishes. But you need to order seafood dishes by paying extra, which will depend on the item that you order. Some of the additional items are a bit costly. This restaurant does not boast of a luxurious ambiance. Interiors are clean and ordinary looking. There are two rooms for dining, but there is no air conditioning in both rooms. This is a no-frills restaurant where you can have meals with or without special items. Several office goers in the locality frequently visit Star Hotel for their lunch. This is a pocket-friendly lunch home in Aroor. Lunch will be ready by 12 PM and will go on till 4 PM, or till the dishes get over. There is limited space in front of the restaurant for parking. Sundays are holidays. 

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22/1154, Aroor-Thoppumpady Road, Aroor Gram Panchayat, Kochi. Contact number: +919961350289

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4.2 based on 187 reviews

“Awesome thala curry. Best place to have good seafood”. – Anand Christopher

“Fish fish fish. awesome curry. Any fish curry try it it’s awesome. Rates are moderate but no one makes better fish curry.” – Benn Paul

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