Hotel Hanumanthu Mysore Original 1930

  • January 20, 2022
Hotel Hanumanthu Mysore

Does the name of this hotel surprise you with its ‘Original 1930’ tag? Well, this is because the name Hanumanthu is very famous in Mysore, and there are many restaurants by the same name. This name tag is intended to suggest this is the first and the original Hanumathu, started way back in 1930. All others came into existence after this Hotel Hanumathu. Hotel Hanumanthu Mysore is famous for their Pulav, especially mutton Pulav.

Mutton Pulav At Hanumanthu

All cooking at Hotel Hanumathu happens over firewood stoves. When we enter the kitchen, we can see huge containers, some filled with biryani, and some with mutton being cooked with masala. They cook their Pulav in the same manner that most people prepare biryani. Meat is cooked with masala, rice is added to it, and the whole mixture is then cooked in Dum. Dum cooking is a slow cooking method in which we cook food in a sealed container, with fire underneath the container and cinder over the lid. You may say that this is biryani, not Pulav. But the owners of the shop call it Pulav, so we also do the same. Although Pulav is the star at Hanumathu, they have many other chicken and mutton side dishes as well.

Food N Travel at Hotel Hanumanthu (video with English subtitles)

Hotel Hanumanthu is located beside a busy street in Mysore. It doesn?t look very appealing from outside. The interiors are clean, but just ordinary. Dining area is not very spacious. But it is the taste of food that attracts masses to this decades-old restaurant. They serve food in an environmentally-friendly plate made from the leaves of trees. Food N Travel team got a chance to taste mutton Pulao from Hanumathu, and loved it. The quantity that they serve in a full plate of Pulao is sufficient for two people. Mutton pieces in the Pulav were soft and yummy. The heavenly taste of Pulav was proof that this is the most iconic Pulav of Mysore.  Hotel Hanumathu serves food from 7 AM to 9:30 PM on all days except Sundays. On Sundays, they are open only in the evenings. There are no parking facilities near the restaurant. 

Food N Travel Ratings for Hotel Hanumanthu Mysore

S1720, Akbar road, Near Mandi Market, Mandi Mohalla, Mysuru. Contact: 919900410075

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