Avocado Juice Shop Thiruvalla

  • November 3, 2021
Avocado Smoothies and Juice Bar Thiruvalla

Avocado Smoothies and Juice Bar, commonly known as Avocado Juice Shop, is located in the heart of Thiruvalla town.  This shop is famous for its shakes and juices. Apart from drinks, the only other item on their menu is Shawarma.

The most special item at Avocado is in its name itself. That’s right. They are famous for their avocado shakes as well as carrot shakes. Most customers who reviewed Avocado on Google have high praise for their refreshing shakes. Some fresh fruit shakes may not be ready at all times, as they are dependent on the availability of seasonal fruits. In addition to shakes, they serve Shawarma as well.

Avocado is a pocket friendly juice center. All shakes and juices are priced in the range of Rs.60 to Rs.70. Even the Shawarma will not burn a hole in your pocket. There is no dining space inside the shop. It is a pick and go juice shop. Post the Covid scenario, they serve juices and shakes in disposable plastic bottles. Pick your choice, take the bottle, and drink it on the go. Avocado is located at Ramanchira, beside the main road. There are no parking facilities, but you won’t find it very difficult to find a spot nearby.

Google Reviews for Avocado Juice Shop Thiruvalla

Ramanchira, Thiruvalla

Location map: https://g.page/avocado-smoothies-and-juicebar?share

4.6 based on 494 reviews

“Their beef shawarma was good, chicken shawarma was average and all the shakes that we tried were good” Abhai M A

“This Shop has the best shakes and Shawarmas compared to all other Shops. Good filling of chicken stuffed in Rumali roti with a great spread of mayonaise. Their Avocado Shake is a must try item. All the Best” – Reuben K Thomas

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