Appas Restaurant Kottayam For Porotta Lovers

  • November 3, 2021
Appas Restaurant Kottayam

If you crave for a snack like Porotta late in the evening, there is a tiny Thattukada in Kottayam where you can head to. This is Appas Food Court. Originally named as Appas Restaurant, it is a food joint or rather, a Thattukada in Kottayam that specializes in food items such as Porotta, Dosa, and omelet.

Appas Restaurant Kottayam is not much of a restaurant or hotel. It is more like a roadside eatery from where you can pack food on the go. You won’t find much variety on the menu. But there are many people who love the food served here, especially their Porotta and chicken fry. Customers get fresh, soft and fluffy Porottas. There is a counter in the front of the shop, exclusively for serving hot Porotta. On a busy evening, you can see the shopkeeper continuously rolling and stacking up the Porottas. They used to serve biryani parcels too, which has stopped post the pandemic.

This is a budget eatery. Being a roadside eatery, you cannot expect the shop to have a dedicated parking facility. Nevertheless, you will find some space to park your vehicle somewhere close by. Dining area is also very small, where only 3 to 4 people can sit at a time. Most people come here for takeaways. Appas Restaurant is open only in the evenings. Timings are from 5:30 PM to 11 PM. If the food gets over before 11 PM, they close down the shop for the day. Google reviewers have a good opinion about Appas Restaurant, though there are very few reviews for this shop.

Google Reviews for Appas Restaurant Kottayam

Thiruvathukal Junction, Thiruvathukkal Rd, Kottayam, Kerala

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4.7 based on 24 reviews

“Menu limited to Porotta,Beef,Chicken and Eggs. Tasty and affordable. Takeaway facility available. Worth the wait. No parking space, situated right by the road. Limited place to sit and eat. Quick service. Friendly staff and management. Pack and go.”– Alex Je

“Best porotta you could get in India. The delicious beef and chicken fry blends well with the tasty porottas. The gravy is given free of cost and that’s very tasty. Everything you get here is really worth the money spent. One can easily guess how good is the food served here by seeing the crowd of customers waiting impatiently for the awesome food. 😊😎😎” – Deepika

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