Ammachiyude Adukkala Rahasyam Vyttila

  • November 23, 2021
Ammachiyude Adukkala Rahasyam Vyttila

Ammachiyude Adukkala Rahasyam Vyttila is a recent addition to the restaurants of Kochi. As the name suggests, the restaurant owners are trying to reveal some secret recipes from their Ammachiís own kitchen. They serve traditional non-vegetarian recipes along with some other dishes. This restaurant started functioning only a year back, and has managed to conquer a few food lovers.

Menu at Ammachiyude Adukkala is mainly about traditional and local food. They have recipes like Angamaly Pothu Kurumulaku, Pothu Koorkka, and Pothu Veppila Fry. Kada Kurumulaku Fry is another must-try item on their menu. They also have several Sadya and meal combinations such as Samudrasadya and Chatticoru. In Samudrasadya, you will get seafood special dishes like clam, squid, and prawns along with rice. Angamaly style meals with mango curry is also popular with customers. Beef recipes are mostly available in the evenings.

This restaurant has a good ambiance. Dining space looks cool and classy. Decent interiors and washroom facilities make this a good option for family outings. The shop is easily noticeable from the main road. There is very little parking space in front, but if you are traveling in a two wheeler, you will find space to park it. Food items are not very expensive. The restaurant remains open from 11 AM to 10:30 PM on all days.  

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Janatha Junction, Vyttila, Kochi Ph: 7306811764

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4.2 based on 154 reviews

Good food. A little nice place we went back for the taste and quality” Ė Arathi Anil

Good food and great service. Try nveg like Beef and Fish variety. Also you can go for their chatting chorus and Special Lunches like angamaly special Lunch” – Dona Jose

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