Best Restaurants in Trivandrum

  • April 19, 2022

Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala, is a storehouse of rich culture and heritage. Ancient temples and structures occupy a prominent place in this city. Present name of Trivandrum is Thiruvananthapuram. Although Trivandrum is a popular tourist spot in Kerala, the city is highly underrated with respect to food. There are many new and old eateries in Trivandrum that serve delicious food. Be it seafood restaurants, vegetarian restaurants or budget eateries, Trivandrum has a list to offer us. Let us have a look at the must-try or best restaurants in Trivandrum.  Some of them are posh eateries, while some others are eateries with modest arrangements. You can choose what suits you best.

Mother’s Veg Plaza

Kerala is known for its traditional banquet which is locally called ‘Sadya.’ A sadya is a sumptuous meal which has rice and an assortment of traditional Kerala dishes with it. It is mostly a vegetarian affair. Along with rice, you get Kerala dishes such as Sambar, Pulissery, Kaalan, Thoran etc. Pickles, banana chips and Papadam are also indispensable parts of a Sadya. Payasam is the dessert you get with it. Mother’s Veg Plaza is one of the best restaurants in Trivandrum to try out a Sadya. They serve Sadya every single day of the year! Sadya is a lavish affair spread over a banana leaf. They serve the dishes in the right sequence so that the guests get the most fulfilling experience. They serve 4 varieties of Payasams at the end of the Sadya, which is extravagant even for a wedding Sadya! 

Apart from Sadya, Mother’s Veg Plaza serves over 100 varieties of Dosas as well. Although there are many other regular items also in their menu, Sadyas and Dosas are more in demand. The restaurant is centrally located at Palayam, and has a decent ambiance. You will find friendly staff who will explain every dish that they serve. Overcrowding is a drawback that one can point out about Mother’s Veg Plaza. The restaurant will be too crowded most of the time. There are parking facilities. But if your visit is during the peak hours, do not expect to get a parking space. Pricing is moderate considering the variety that they serve.

Address: Bakery Junction Road, Near Russian Cultural Center, Vanross, Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram

Paragon Restaurant

Paragon is a popular name with the foodies of Kerala. The flagship restaurant of Paragon group is in Kozhikode. They have branches in Kozhikode, Kochi and Trivandrum in Kerala, and also in Dubai. Biriyani is one of their specialties. Thalasseri biryani is an item which is high in demand at Paragon. This is considered as one of the best restaurants in Trivandrum to taste Thalasseri or Malabar biryani. They also have signature dishes such as Meen manga curry (fish mango curry) and coconut prawns. Puddings and pastries at Paragon also have many admirers. On the whole, this restaurant provides you with one of the best fine-dining experiences in Trivandrum.

Paragon is a chic restaurant with a pleasing ambiance and plush interiors. Air conditioned and tastefully done interiors make the restaurant more appealing. As with any good quality restaurant, Paragon is also very crowded during peak hours. There is ample parking space in front. Dining area is on two floors, and is quite spacious. In spite of this, you may have to wait for some time before you get a seat. At the dining area, you will find the QR code over the table. You can scan this for getting the menu card. Food is not overly priced considering the fact that there is no compromise on quality. This is a must-try restaurant of Trivandrum.

Address: TC-14, Paragon restaurant, 4631, Ulloor Road, Kesavadasapuram, Thiruvananthapuram

Villa Maya

Villa Maya is one of the best restaurants in Trivandrum for a fine dining experience. Everything about the restaurant, right from the entrance to the elegant interiors and polite staff, speaks of class. Villa Maya is about enjoying the Kerala architecture and soothing interiors, with good food as an addition. Food is only secondary to ambiance! Here you will find a blend of authentic Kerala cuisine with Italian, Moroccan or other continental flavors. You can order traditional Kerala porottas with Syrian beef dry or Alfredo penne pasta and tiramisu. Be it a seafood platter, dessert platter, prawns, chicken, or beef, every dish is cooked with utmost care. If you are planning to throw a party or to enjoy a special occasion, this is one of the best options in Trivandrum.

Villa Maya is located in an 18th century Dutch mansion. Renovations to the place have only added beauty to the ancient Kerala architecture. The wooden stairs and arched windows are sights to behold. Exteriors are also quite elegant with water bodies and well-manicured gardens. Canopies with tiled roofs are excellent for a relaxing dining. Of course, all this suggests one thing. This is not a common man’s eatery. Villa Maya is a high end restaurant suited for those who can afford to spend lavishly. Being located in the heart of the city, it is easily accessible from all parts. Food items are expensive, but remember, you are paying for the entire experience, not just the food.

Address: Muthoot Sky Chef, No-120 Palayam Airport Road, Near Vallakkadavu, Thiruvananthapuram

Afsal Hotel Vizhinjam

Afsal Hotel located in Vizhinjam belongs to the same category as the Good Morning Hotel that we will see next in this article. If Good Morning Hotel is famous for its porotta and beef, Afsal Hotel has made a mark with its chicken fries. Vizhinjam chicken fry from Afsal Hotel has created a space for itself in the culinary world of Trivandrum. Spicy chicken fry is the specialty of Afsal Hotel. The chef has several secret ingredients for the masala mixture which he sprinkles over the chicken fries. You can have the chicken fries along with Idiyappam or Kerala Porotta. Porottas that you get here will be steaming hot and fresh out of the oven, but the Idiyappams are not so. Owner makes the Idiyappams at home, and so, it is not as fresh. Nevertheless, the taste of spicy chicken fries compensates for these minor drawbacks.

Afsal Hotel is located beside a busy road in Vizhinjam, a coastal suburb of Trivandrum. It is not very close to the city. This is a common man’s restaurant where food is economical but ambiance is not great. In fact, the dining space is a little cramped up and ordinary. There are no parking facilities at the restaurant. If you go by your own vehicle during the peak hours, you will have a hard time finding a space to park it.  If you are not comfortable with eating at the crowded and congested area, it is best to get the food packed. Despite all the shortcomings with respect to ambiance, Afsal Hotel enjoys a good patronage owing to the spicy red chicken fries! This is one of the best restaurants in Trivandrum for chicken lovers.

Address: 9XPR+2G8, Vizhinjam

Best restaurants in Trivandrum

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Good Morning Hotel Karamana

We know that Malayalis love Porotta. They are soft, oily and fluffy, and made with refined flour. Although Porottas are not very healthy, people all over Kerala love having Porotta for breakfast. Good Morning Hotel is one of the most popular restaurants in Trivandrum where you can relish on the Kerala Porottas. A plate full of beef curry is the best combination with Porotta. At Good Morning, you will get beef curry as well. Porotta and beef curry are best sellers on their menu. In fact, these are the only items in their menu apart from Idiyappams. Many regular customers vouch for the taste of the fluffy Porotta and red hot beef curry. Cooking is done over firewood which ensures a special taste to food.

Good Morning Hotel located in Karamana is not a posh restaurant. It is a common man’s eatery where you can eat till your tummy is full, and there will still be money left in your pocket. The shop is very crowded during the breakfast hours. They open early in the morning, and serve delicious Porotta with beef curry till late evenings. This is not a place where you can enjoy a relaxed eat-out with family. Dining area is cramped, and ordinary. If you are reluctant to dine there, you can order parcels. Price of food is affordable to the common man. A plate of beef curry will cost you only Rs.90! The shop is beside a busy road, and there are no parking facilities here. Despite these drawbacks, Good Morning Hotel ranks as one of the best restaurants in Trivandrum, only because of the taste of food.

Address: Near Kerala Motor Driving School, Poojappura-Karamana Road, New Kunjalumoodu, Karamana, Thiruvananthapuram

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Zam Zam Restaurant

If you are looking for a good restaurant to taste Middle Eastern cuisine in Trivandrum, Zam Zam Restaurant is a good option. This restaurant started functioning way back in 1979. In fact, this was one of the earliest restaurants to introduce Arabic food to the capital city of Kerala. Even today, the restaurant occupies a top spot among the must-visit restaurants in Trivandrum. Over time, they have opened other branches in Trivandrum as well as Calicut. Arabic dishes such as Shawarma, Al Faham and Mandi are the specialties of Zam Zam. Customers vouch for the taste of these dishes. The restaurant offers pocket-friendly combo meals and platters too. 

Apart from Arabic dishes, you will find a whole lot of other dishes in their menu. Ice creams and pastries also have many lovers. Food is moderately priced. Zam Zam Restaurant is located in the heart of the city. They have limited parking facilities in front of the restaurant. It is best to ride a two wheeler while visiting the restaurant, as it may not be very easy to park your four wheeler. The restaurant has a decent ambiance. There will be a heavy rush during peak lunch and dinner hours, and so, you may have to wait for your turn. 

Address:  Opp. MLA Hostel, University of Kerala Senate House Campus, Palayam

Rajila Hotel

Attention, mutton lovers of Trivandrum. If you want tasty and pocket-friendly mutton dishes, head to Rajila Hotel located at Valiyathura in Trivandrum. Rajila is a restaurant that specializes in mutton! You get nameless varieties with every part of mutton or lamb meat. Mutton Perattu, Mutton Nalli (bone marrow), Mutton curry and Mutton Brain Roast are some of them. Some dishes like mutton nalli are available in limited quantities. If you need it, you have to order in advance. All mutton dishes are delicious and look tempting.  You can have mutton dishes with Porotta, Orotti or Appam.

Rajila Hotel is located close to Trivandrum airport. Noise from airplanes may disturb you occasionally. This is not a plush restaurant. Both from inside and outside, the restaurant has an ordinary appearance. But the owners do take care of cleanliness. Food items are not overly priced, and are affordable to most. As this is a small eatery, there are no dedicated parking facilities. You may find some space nearby to park your vehicle. If you are concerned about the ambiance, this is not a good option for you. If the taste of food overrides your every other concern, you can definitely try Rajila Hotel. It is one of the best restaurants in Trivandrum for mutton lovers.

Address: 25/ 648, Near Valiyathura – Muttathara Road, Sewage Farm, Valiyathura

Best restaurants in Trivandrum

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Hotel Ariya Nivas

Ariya Nivas is a name that the old hands of Trivandrum are very familiar with. This is one of the best restaurants in Trivandrum for vegetarian food. Ariya Nivas is a restaurant cum hotel located close to the Trivandrum Central railway station. South Indian food is the specialty of this restaurant. You can munch on lip smacking masala dosas, vadas or idlis. Vegetarian meals are also quite popular with the guests. Although the guests who stayed at the hotel do not give it a high rating, the restaurant is definitely one of the best in this class.

Ariya Nivas has a decent ambiance. The restaurant is on two floors. Ground floor has a non-air-conditioned dining area, and the first floor has an air-conditioned dining area. Food is slightly expensive. But the price is justifiable considering the quality of the food that they serve. The restaurant is located in the heart of the city, and is easy to access. Parking facilities are not great. Being located near a busy road, finding a parking space during peak hours may be a humongous task. Despite these minor drawbacks, Ariya Nivas continues to win the hearts of vegetarian food lovers in Trivandrum.

Address: Aristo Junction, Manorama Rd, Near, Thampanoor, Thiruvananthapuram

Krishna Hotel Kattachalkuzhi

There are some shops which are famous by virtue of a single dish. This will be their signature preparation. Krishna Hotel in Kattachalkuzhi is one such. This restaurant earned its name due to the dish, Naadan Kozhi Peratt. It is a tasty dish made with the meat from country chicken. The fact that they use only country chicken and not broiler chicken for their preparations is one of the reasons behind the unique taste. Other dishes in their menu which captured the hearts of foodies of Trivandrum are Chicken thoran and Kandari chicken. Meals are also available here. Along with these lip-smacking preparations, you can relish on Kerala Porotta or Puttu. Although their menu has only a limited number of items, each dish has a unique and tempting taste.

Exclusive taste of the dishes at Krishna Hotel attract people from far off to this lazy suburb. Krishna Hotel is not a posh eatery. It was started 20 years ago. Earlier, it used to be a tiny restaurant with limited facilities. After recent renovations, the restaurant now has a decent ambiance. They have a sufficiently spacious dining area, with separate family areas. But interiors are not plush or classy. There is a limited parking space in front of the restaurant. It is located near Balaramapuram which is around 20 km from the city. If you don’t mind a short drive in search of tasty food, this is one of the best restaurants in Trivandrum.

Address: Mangalattukonam Road, Kattachalkuzhi, Behind Coconut Research Centre, Venganoor

Best restaurants in Trivandrum
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