When I visited Bangalore this time, I had just one thought in mind. Try as much variety of food as possible. Though we find every type of food in Bangalore, I was more on a lookout for traditional delicacies. For this endeavor, I found a fitting partner in my long-time friend, Vimal.

My first mission was to find good eateries for breakfast. Not necessarily swanky upscale restaurants, but places where food tastes good, and cleanliness is above average. Vimal has made Bangalore his home for quite some years now. So I gave him the charge to choose the places. Here is the list of breakfast corners that we tried out and my opinion about them:

Veena Stores, Malleswaram

Our first visit was to a small roadside eatery, Veena Stores. The shop was noticeable very easily, not because it was huge or lavish, but because there was a long queue in front. I was surprised to find a large crowd patiently waiting for their turn, despite the fact that it was quite early in the morning. We bought Idli, Vada and Khara Bath. Idli was like any other, but Vada was crispy and tasty. Khara Bath was Vimal’s choice. It tasted like our upma, and he liked it. On top of all, I would give some extra points to Veena Stores, for their use of eco-friendly plates, carved out of leave.

Veena Stores Malleswaram

Idli and Vada from Veena Stores Malleswaram

Sri Raghavendra Stores, Malleswaram

Does it surprise you that many eateries in Bangalore are named like grocery stores? Well, it did surprise me. Our second halt was also named similarly, Sri Raghavendra Stores. From here, we tried their special Chow Chow Bath. It was supposed to be a mixture of salty upma and sweet kesari, both made out of semolina. When we got it, it was kesari in one plate, and upma in the other. I performed the task of mix and match, and we were both happy to have our plates, half upma and half kesari. I tried them both separately and mixed, and I liked the mixed taste better.

Chow Chow Bath at Raghavendra Stores

Chow Chow Bath at Raghavendra Stores

Malleswaram Dosai Corner

As the name suggests, our next aim was to try dosa. From Malleswaram Dosai Corner, we tried Bennai Masala Dosa. Though I was initially misled by the name ‘Bennai,’ it turned out to be the Kannada equivalent of butter, which we call ‘Venna.’ Here, one thing I didn’t like was the shape of dosa. The chef didn’t bother to give a perfect round shape to dosas, which according to me would have improved the general appearance of dosa. Taste was good, masala inside was also different from normal masala dosa. It was a gooey paste of mashed potatoes. Still, it was worth a try.

Bennai Masala Dosa

Bennai Masala Dosa

Brahmins’ Thatte Idli, Malleswaram

Thatte Idli looked like a cross between idli and dosa. It was perfectly round shaped huge idli, but flat like dosa. Idli was soft and fluffy, and was delicious. They gave two varieties of chutney with it, one with red chili and the other with mint leaves. These idlis were unique, but not entirely so. I had seen similar ones back home, in Ramassery.  Acknowledging the fact that Thatte idlis were not a step behind Ramassery idlis, we moved to our last eatery for breakfast.

Brahmins' Thatte Idli

Brahmins’ Thatte Idli


If you are interested in trying out Kerala’s Toddy Shop flavours in Kozhikode, you may check out The Shap Restaurant near Calicut Beach.

Malleswaram Holige Mane

Is there a better way other than a sweet to end any meal? So it was to a try a sweet dish that we headed last. Holige is a traditional sweet of Karnataka. Different variations of this are available in other states, and are called by different names. I tried special Kharjura Holige, which had a filling of dates, and had ample ghee spread over it. It was superbly delicious. This was definitely what I liked the most among all the delicacies that I tried that day.

Malleswaram Holige Mane

Malleswaram Holige Mane

Thus ended my breakfast journey in Bangalore, but continued the food journey to VV Puram – the famous Food Street in Bangalore. If you happen to visit any of these, let us know what you felt.

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Bindu Menon

I love your blog, the narrative and the pictures. Awesome stuff!

Bindu Menon

Your videos are very informative and interesting with nuggets shared about the food and the place around it. Very well presented too.


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Amith Subramanian
Amith Subramanian

Please do a Vlog on CFTRI sometime in the future. Central Food and Research Institute, Mysore.

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