Things to do in Thekkady

What are the 7 Amazing Things To Do In Thekkady? Do you think Thekkady can stand a chance to win the best holiday destination in Kerala? From my experience, Thekkady has a unique experience and so the other attractions, such as Munnar and Alappuzha, in Kerala’s tourism industry. 

Our One Day Tour in Thekkady – Malayalam Video

When was the last time you visited Thekkady? It can’t be very long back. It is a place that every one of us will run to, for a quick getaway from the boredom of daily life. But when you go, do you just roam around and come back? There are many attractions in and around Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Thekkady, which will make your trip a fulfilling one. Read on to find out what they are.

1.Boating in Thekkady Lake

Thekkady Boating
Thekkady Boating

Did you know that Thekkady got its name from the ‘thekku thadi,’ or teak stubs adorning the lake? It is a beautiful sight. The lake lies majestically in the centre of Periyar Tiger Reserve. Boating here is a different experience, as it offers an encounter with wildlife. While sailing in boats, you can see many animals on the shores. The most common are sambar deer, monkeys, and elephants. There are many varieties of birds also, like the snakebirds (Anhinga). If you go in summer, you might be lucky to spot even tigers. For those with a greater sense of adventure, bamboo rafts are also available.

2. Jeep Safari

Thekkady Bamboo Rafting
Also you can try bamboo rafting in Thekkady

A jeep safari is the next best thing to do in Thekkady. The drive will be rough, but an amazing one. It is a drive where you all you see are trees and birds, and all you hear is the music of the jungle! You can go for a local safari, or to a little far-off place like Gavi, which is an off-beat destination 40 kms away from Thekkady. Safari to Gavi is preferred by adventure-seekers. During the drive, don’t be surprised if you find an elephant blocking your path!

3. Jungle Walk

Thekkady Nature Walk
Try exploring Thekkady’s nature friendly landscapes

Guided walk inside the jungle is offered as a part of eco-tourism activities in Periyar Tiger Reserve. You can walk within the allowed perimeters, and only with trained guides. As you go deeper, you feel a sense of calmness and curiosity enveloping you. This is the most eco-friendly way of intruding into the forest. During the walk, you can see many birds and animals, but make sure not to disturb them.

4. Elephant Bath

Elephant Bath
Give Bath for an Elephant 

Elephants are part of our childhood memories. Watching the huge pachyderm has always been awe-inspiring. Most of us had a dream to get close to an elephant, or to feed it. Here in Thekkady, you get a chance to fulfill those unfulfilled childhood dreams. Spend a few hours bathing the elephant, feeding it, or even learning a few words to communicate with it.

5. Visit Cumbum Vineyards

My experience in Meghalamalai and Cumbum Vineyards – Malayalam Video

Just around 23 kms from Thekkady lies another wonderful destination, Cumbum. It is in Tamil Nadu. The rustic beauty of Cumbum is heart-warming. There are some beautiful waterfalls, quaint little temples, and lots of greenery to appease your senses. Vineyards of Cumbum will be a lovely experience for fruit lovers, and nature lovers.

6. Parunthumpara

A foggy afternoon in Parunthumpara
A foggy afternoon in Parunthumpara

This is also about the same distance from Thekkady. This little known tourist destination will bowl you over with its beauty. It is a cliff from top of which, the view is just superb. Endless green valley on all sides! You will feel close to heaven itself. If you visit in rainy season, there will be many small and big waterfalls trickling down from the cliffs. The famous Sabarimala temple can be seen from here.

7. Visit Kuttikkanam – An Economic Alternative to Munnar

Places to Visit in Kuttikkanam – English Video

The beautiful hill station, Kuttikkanam, lies on the way to Thekkady. Pleasant, cool climate is the biggest attraction of Kuttikkanam. There are lush green tea gardens everywhere. This is a place where you can easily spend a day or two, just relaxing in the lap of nature. There are several attractions like Panchalimedu, and Ashley Bungalow. Read more about the attractions of Kuttikkanam in another blog.

These were the must-see places and the must-do activities in Thekkady. There are several other attractions too, if you have enough time in hand. We shall discuss about them in another blog. Meanwhile you can checkout our blog post about our holiday experience in Munnar and places to visit in Munnar in 1 day

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