The Shap Restaurant in Kozhikode is getting popularity all over the city for the twist they brought to traditional Kerala’s toddy shop recipes. Situated near to Gujarati Street in the south beach of Kozhikode, this eatery is open from 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm. They serve meals on a banana leaf spread over an earthen plate. They also serve rice soup as a drink that goes well along with the meals.

My Experience at the Shap Restaurant, Kozhikode

I was exploring food in Kozhikode and the Shap restaurant was suggested by a few friends including Shabeer. We parked our car at the parking space close to the beach and walked to the restaurant. Though they have a less impressive entrance, the dining space is clean, cozy, and unique. The restaurant is themed after Kerala’s toddy shops.

Location Map of the Shap Restaurant:

They serve slightly improvised traditional Kerala Toddy Shop meals. A meal with two fish curries, a fried dry fish, and many more vegetable curries at Rs. 90.00 is served on a banana leaf spread over an earthen plate. Among the fish curries, one version is of Kottayam style fish curry that uses brindleberry (which is also known as Malabar tamarind or pot tamarind). However, the second version is of Kozhikode style that uses coconut milk.

The meal was superb, but the tawa fish (karimeen or pearl spot fried on a flat pan) was exotic. I also enjoyed their flagship drink – chakka manga thenga. A perfect blend of jackfruit, mango, and tender coconut juice served in a solution flask. We also tried chicken idichathu, a crushed version of chicken delicacy.

Price of the dishes that we tried at the Shap Restaurant

Chakka Manga Thenga Juice: Rs. 199.00
Meal: Rs. 90.00
Tawa Fish Fry: Rs. 500.00 (depending on the fish and its size)
Kozhi Idichathu: Rs. 230.00

My personal preferences from the dishes that we tried at the Shap restaurant includes Tawa Fish, Chakka Manga Thenga juice, and the meals. They do have other varieties of food that we haven’t tried during this trip. However, they don’t serve breakfast currently and on that day, we had a wonderful yet traditional breakfast from a small homely shop in a village that is not far from Kozhikode city – Chandrettan’s Chayakkada.





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