Ramassery Idli

We were in Plakkad to explore the city in two days, but the story of Ramassery idli that I read a day before tickled my senses for its taste. A journey of 4 hours from Kochi to Palakkad came to a stop at Ayur Vaidya Mana Resort. We checked into the resort and took a brief laze. Though the resort was close to the main road, inside the Mana it was calm and pleasant. The fragrance of ayurveda oils and herbs filled everywhere within that decades old traditional zamindar bungalow of Kerala. The resort had small rooms which were well kept. Babu, one of the resort attenders, brought us some warm ayurvedic drinks.The drinks with ayurveda herbs helped me to regain my vigour from the hectic drive. In a minute or two our breakfast was ready on the dining table – dosa, idli, and idiyappam with chuties and chickpea masala.

Ayur Vidya Mana

Ayur Vidya Mana

Location of Ayur Vaidya Mana, Palakkad: Mankurussi (click here for the google map location)

Thenkurussi Village or Mucheri Mala

Palakkad Video Part 1

After our breakfast at the Mana, we started off to Mucheri Mala. From the main road we took a turn and entered into a narrow path. The path that cuts off a vast green paddy field into two halves led us through the nature’s backyard. Finally, after a steep turn, we drove into a mud road and then into the spread of a football ground; we were at a lesser known destination of Palakkad. Except for a huge that piece of land had nothing so noticeable.The ground is right on the top of a hill which is surrounded by thick forests. At the outer rim of the forest was a row of sky-high mountains partially covered under the clouds. The ground enjoyed the privilege to be one of the major locations of the movie – Odiyan. Though the movie is yet to be released, it has already earned the needed hype among the media and Mohanlal fans including me. This hilltop football ground was converted into Thenkurussi village for the shooting of Odiyan.

Mucheri Mala, Palakkad (Thenkurussi village) >> Click here for the goggle map location.

Kalpathy Agraharam

Kalpathy Heritage Village

Kalpathy Heritage Village

After the scenic beauty of Thenkurussi village the next attraction that we hit was a heritage village in Palakkad – Kalpathy Agraharam. An area that covers more than 22 acres in the heart of Palakkad town as Kalpathy (or Kalpathi) has earned the recognition for preserving the heritage. The village is famous for its architecture and music. The car festival here is an acknowledged attraction of Palakkad. The best time to visit this heritage village is either in the morning before 9:00 or in the evening after 4:00 (during any of the seasons). We were there by 12:00 in the noon and most of the temples were closed. However, we could sneak peek into a Ganapathy temple and get some prasad.

The term Agraharam has several meanings. One of them indicates a cluster of houses with a Shiva Mandir (Lord Shiva’s Temple) at the agram (beginning). Another meaning states a conglomeration of the first – it indicates a group of the supremos of castes or in simple words a village of Brahmins.

Kalpathy Agraharam >> Click here for the google map location. 

Ramasseri for Ramassery Idli

Ramassery Idli

Making of Ramassery Idli

Our next point of attraction was Ramasseri. Ramasseri is just an ordinary village in Palakkad. The significance of this village is its idli. The idlies with a shape of small dosa is famous throughout the state and may be even outside Kerala. The most interesting fact about the Ramassery idli is that it is made by a small community with 10 to 12 families. They make these dosa shaped idlies at their home and sell through the supermarkets and restaurants of Palakkad. You can also order them in advance and collect them from Ramasseri.

Location: Ramasseri Village

Quick Review about Ramassery Idli

Restaurant: The whole Ramasseri Village produces this idli… you can choose from the houses there.

Type of Restaurant: Cottage food production

Price: Budget

Ambiance: It is not applicable in this case.

Service: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⛅️ (4.5 / 5)

Food:  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (4 / 5)

Accessibility: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⛅️(4 / 5)

Location: Ramasseri village


– Ramassery Idli >> Rs. 6.00 per idli

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