Midnight food hunt is not new to the city dwellers of Eranakulam. Grilled chicken and Al-faham has got the leading position in Kochi foodies menu. We heard about the clay baked chicken and did not wast any time to visit this small restaurant in Kalamassery – Pathirakozhi.

Pathirakozhi video

   Things to Note about Pathirakozhi, Eranakulam

   Location: FACT Kalamassery Road, Opp. BSNL Exchange (location map)   .

Timing: 5:00 pm till 12:00 midnight

Specialties: Grills, especially chicken.

Pathirakozhi restaurant serves varieties of grilled chicken with African, Arab, and Indian fusion. Al-faham, shawarma, and kebabs are common, but kalimannil chutta kozhi (clay baked chicken) and mulayil chutta kozhi (bamboo baked chicken) were out of the box. In addition to these signature dishes, we saw nadan kurumulakil chutta Al-faham (pepper roasted Al faham), kanthariyil chutta Al-faham (Bird’s eye chili roasted Al-faham), pathira shawarma (midnight shawarma), malai tikka (among kebabs) and many more interesting stuff in their menu. However, we had ordered for clay baked chicken in advance (as it requires 7 to 8 hours of preparation).

I had an experience of this clay baked chicken, or a distant relative of Pathirakozhi’s clay baked chicken, from Herbal Chicken in Kazargod, but that was different by taste. The one that I tried in Kasargod was more of herbal by taste but this one was a bit spicy and stuffed with biriyani rice. Clay baked chicken was luscious but the rice stuffed in the chicken really mesmerized me. The flavor of biriyani rice mixed with the spices and the chicken broth tickled my taste receptor cells. If given a rating out of 5, I would give a good 4 stars for this cuisine.

What we tried (clay baked chicken) was awesome and what we were going to try was ambrosial. The next item on our menu from Pathirakozhi restaurant in Ernakulam was the Al-faham. Not any ordinary Al-faham, but the chicken peri peri Al-faham. Oh dear… it was just heavenly. That could be just because I love grilled chicken and grilled fish, yet it was simply flavorful. Well, the restaurateurs admitted that the peri peri is not 100% African flavor, but a blend and so they defined it as a fusion.

The restaurant also offers hot and cold, fresh and fizzy beverages in their menu, but we went for the honeycomb toffee, which is a sentimental longing for many Malayalees.

More details of Pathirakozhi Restaurant

The restaurant is easy to access located slightly off the highway from Kalamassery Premier Junction (Apollo Tyres). While it is a heaven for chicken lovers, it may not be apt for vegetarians or even non-vegetarians who prefer to munch on something that is not chicken. Even when it comes to chicken, the menu here is not of Nadan (Kerala local food). If you love the taste of Arabian food or its fusions, you will enjoy your foodplore to this midnight restaurant. Well, that’s another thing that you must remember; the restaurant starts functioning from 5:00 evening and serves until 12:00 midnight.