Munnar Hanging Bridge

Our Munnar trip and tree house experience in one of the best Munnar resorts: After returning from my trip to northeast, I was in a mood to relax, to be at home, and sleep a lot. But my little ones spoiled this plan. They were mad with excitement on seeing me back. They wanted a trip as well, to some cold destination where they could cozy up in their warm clothes. Deepawali was approaching, and we decided to make the most of it, with a trip to Munnar.

Our Munnar Trip Video in Malayalam

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A relaxed drive to Munnar | Kochi to Munnar

A waterfalls on the way to Munnar

A drive with my family is the one that I enjoy the most. We started from Kochi in the afternoon, planning to reach Munnar by dusk. My two little bundles of joy kept chattering throughout the way, which was a pleasant distraction for me. Winding roads, tiny waterfalls, and picturesque scenery made my drive a relaxing experience. When we reached our plantation resort in Munnar, it was dark and raining. The chill in the air was such a welcome change from the hot and humid weather of Kochi.

Tree house accommodation in Munnar

Night view of our tree house accommodation in Munnar

The essence of our Munnar trip was the stay in a tree house in one of the best Munnar resorts. The resort where we stayed, ‘Dream Catcher,’ is one which has been popularized by many vloggers from Kerala. It is a lovely resort overlooking majestic tea gardens and the Nilgiri hills. We had planned a stay in their twin-room tree-house. It was the first of such a stay for my wife and kids. We walked through cardamom plantations in the dark, to reach our abode. It was enveloped by greenery on all sides. Cottages were nicely done up. There was a balcony on one side, from where we got panoramic views of the entire plantation. The lovely accommodation made my family ecstatic with joy. Kids were happy to have a room all for themselves.

Sunrise in Munnar and morning stroll

View of Munnar hills as the day breaks

We wanted to start our day with a sunrise view, which was possible from the resort itself. They had a watch tower over their swimming pool, which gave excellent sunrise views. After an invigorating early morning walk inside the tea gardens, we climbed the tower. But luck was not on our side. Clouds hid the rising sun till it was well lighted all around. What a perfect morning view it was! The green hills over the horizon looked splendid against the backdrop of blue skies. And below us, were lush green tea gardens. It was like we had descended on heaven!

Hill top pool – Dream Catcher Plantation Resort, Munnar

Our morning stroll continued well after the sunrise. There were orange trees interspersed with the tea bushes. I plucked some fresh oranges for my kids. They loved the sweet and sour taste of the mountain oranges.

If you are planning a Munnar Trip, do not sleep but wake up early and enjoy the blue shades of Nilgiri hills. Take a stroll in the tea plantations of Munnar. Take pleasure from the dew drops, early sun rays, and the foggy hillocks.

A little cookery session during our Munnar holidays

Planter’s chicken and Capsicum masala rice!

As a foodie, I always love to barge into kitchens, to capture all the delicious recipes in my camera. Here, they had arranged for me to watch some live action in the kitchen. Lunch time came, and I was with the experienced chef, watching him transforming the ingredients into tasty chicken curry and capsicum masala rice. They looked easy to dish out, and I made up my mind to try it later at home.

Taming rough roads

After the delicious lunch, and a short nap, we went for a drive along the rough paths outside our resort, to a beautiful hilltop nearby. The resort has a Polaris, which takes travelers along the rough tracks.We decided to explore a little by foot, and then try the drive. My massive body was huffing and puffing, while my little ones sprinted ahead.

Munnar tea gardens

The drive was superb, to say the least. There was lush greenery engulfing us on all sides. The mountains, meadows, cool winds, there were many things to transport us to a different land. And to top it all, there was not a soul in sight. We were all alone in that heavenly place.

Campfire and barbecue in Munnar

Campfires are said to be the best for creating a community bond. Nestled around a column of fire on a cool night, people bond better than they do during the day. I experienced it that night during the campfire in Munnar. The resort had arranged for a barbecue and campfire, at the watch tower. Other guests at the resort joined us, and we had a lovely time together. We shared the yummy barbecued chicken with everyone.

You can also try this campers’ chicken barbecue during your travels. You can check out the recipe of campers’s chicken barbecue here

Munnar campfire experience video

Cool winds were blowing, but there was warmth kindled by the fire, and my wonderful family. It was a fantastic end to our trip.

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