Marottichal Waterfalls

We were in Thrissur, a day before, for a family trip to Kalassamala and Narimada. When I shared my plans to visit Narimada, a friend suggested us to include Marottichal waterfalls into our itinerary. I was happy to connect Narimada and Marottichal together, but the day we hiked Kalassamala it was raining cats and dogs; we couldn’t make it to Marottichal waterfalls. 

You can read about our experience at Kalassamala and Narimada here.

Video of Marottichal Waterfalls (Olakkayam Falls)

The next day morning, I started off from Kochi to Thrissur. This time my objective was to explore Marottichal waterfalls. I followed the google maps and drove through the national highway 544 until Amballur and then took a right turn to pick Amballur – Kallur – Kallayi Road. We must have travelled for 20 to 30 minutes and we spotted an agricultural land that was submerged in rainwater. Banana plantations, coconut trees, and others; all were under water – muddy red water that flowing all over. We stopped for a while and then continued.

You can find the google route map from Kochi to Marottichal waterfalls here: Route Map to Marottichal Falls

Way to Marottichal Waterfalls

Way to Marottichal Waterfalls

The winding roads with plentiful vegetation on both sides; I followed the route suggested by google maps until the spot where there was no road to proceed towards Marottichal waterfalls. I parked the car on one side of the road and we decided to hike. There was drizzling and I was worried about my camera. I used an umbrella to protect my camera first and then myself. Hashmi had an Umbrella for himself (Hashmi is my friend who joined me for exploring Marottichal falls).

When the map said there’s almost a kilometer and 700 meters to reach the water falls, we could listen the roaring sound of plunging stream just nearby. We hurried through a narrow concreted rim of a canal. Then deviated to a rubber plantation and reached the waterfalls. We were not alone there; two other locals were examining the river and the falls. The water was gushing and it was muddy. The said the falls is not actually Marottichal, it is Olakkayam waterfalls. What so ever the name may be, we were so immersed in the natural beauty.

Olakkayam Falls (Marottichal Falls)

Olakkayam Falls (Marottichal Falls)

The water trusted down from slanting rocks and made a pool. It took a turn before making its way down through the rubber plantations. The drizzling that we were experiencing as we reached the place became a pouring rain. We hiked a bit more further through the rubber plantations to a higher elevation. We wanted to get a closer view of the waterfalls; a view from its top.

There was another waterfalls almost a kilometer above the one that we were sighting then. The local guys informed us that the other waterfalls is Ilanjikayam waterfalls and it was accessible when the climate was dry. A couple of weeks before our visit to Olakkayam falls, two boys went inside the forest to visit Ilanjikayam falls and gone missing. It took a two days for the rescue team to find them. Forest department issued strict instructions and stopped public to cross the forest fencing. We decided to obey the rules and just take snaps and videos from where we are allowed to do so.

Distance from Kochi: 86 km

Distance from Thrissur: 28 km

Accessibility: A minor trek required

Location rating: 3.5/5

Exploitation: Less explored location in Thrissur district of Kerala



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