A kiosk is a better term to explain this restaurant, but they do sell breakfast. Kuttettante Unniappakada (or Kuttettan’s Unniyappam Store) is primarily a kiosk that sells unniyappam. Unniyappam is a sweet round shaped snack (fritters) made from rice flour, jaggery, banana, roasted coconut pieces, and cardamom. Well, at Kuttettan’s Unniappakada they sell unniyappam, idli, tea, and coffee.

The restaurant that opens early in the morning by 6:00 serves unniyappam and idlies as breakfast. The restaurant remains open for its customers until the Unniyappam stock finishes, but if you need idlies you must visit them early in the morning. Bordering to the forests and on the way to Thirunelli Temple, Kuttettan’s Unniyappam shop stands unique in the middle of lush nature.

What’s so special about Kuttettante Unniappakada Shop?

Kuttettan and his family prepare uniyappam in their house and sell them in their small restaurant. They cook these small round shaped snacks of Kerala using firewoods and following the traditional practices, giving the fritters a real taste of grandma’s recipes. Moreover, the family makes sure to avoid wastage by producing a limited quantity of unniyappam’s every day. This means that if you are late to reach the shop, you will lose the chance of enjoying Kuttettan’s Unniyappam.

The ambiance

A small hut with hay thatched roof – that explains the restaurant well. Only a maximum of 10 people can sit at a time in the restaurant and dine. Old wooden tables and benches are not at all posh. Yet, there’s a lot more about the mood in that restaurant. It has an aura that brings your childhood back to the scenes. I would recommend Kuttettante Unniappakada for the taste of Unniyappam and the beauty of its surroundings.

Location and timing

The restaurant is on the way to Thirunelli temple or on the way to Tholpetti National Park from Sulthan Bathery or Kalpetta. The restaurant is open from 6:00 in the morning until the stock finishes every day.

Location map of Kuttettan’s Uniyappam Shop Wayanad: http://bit.ly/333P35Q

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