My visit to AR Rahman Biriyani, Kovilpatti happened quite accidentally. As a part of my Tamil Nadu food tour, we were in Kovilpatti to explore the renowned Kovilpattikadalaimittai. I was drawn to this restaurant by the sweet-smelling biriyani, and it resulted in a wonderful food experience.

From Kovilpattikadalaimittai to Kovilpatti Rahman Biriyani

While walking through the streets of Kovilpatti, I had only kadalaimittai in mind. After a long search, we found a place where we could watch the making of Kovilpattikadalaimittai. This sweet made with jaggery and groundnuts is called by many names in many parts of India. Though kadalaimittai had always been my favorite, it was the first time that I got to see its making.

When we stepped out from the kadalaimittai shop, a tempting aroma of biriyani arrested us. Looking for its source, we found the restaurant, AR Rahman Biriyani, Kovilpatti. We were all hungry, so we decided to go ahead and try the place that emanated this aroma. We asked the owner of the restaurant for a permission to capture some cooking shots in the video. He was most welcoming.


We got the chance to see the entire process of making of Kovilpatti Rahman Biriyani. The biriyani version that they make is called Nellai biriyani. Small grain rice is used for making this biriyani, just like our Malabar biriyani. But with respect to taste, it tastes more like Rawther biriyani than Malabar biriyani. If you visit in evening hours, they have several North Indian and tandoori delicacies too. Since we reached there quite early, we could not sample those.

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Location and Ambience

Kovilpatti Rahman Biriyani is located beside a busy street in Kovilpatti. As it is a narrow road, parking is a major issue. But the ambience inside was quite good. It was not highly luxurious, but was decent enough for enjoying a good lunch. Interiors and the kitchen too was maintained neatly. It is a good option for the travelers who pass this way, to have tasty food in neat surroundings.

Location of AR Rahman Biriyani:

My Review

Having tasted biriyanis from all over Kerala, and even outside it, I would rate AR Rahman Biriyani, Kovilpatti as excellent. Those who like only the typical Kerala taste may not find it suited to them. We ordered chicken biriyani, which tasted delicious. It was spicier than our biriyanis, but it was okay with me. Well-cooked chicken pieces and rice that melted in the mouth, it is worth a try.



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