You love Biriyani and you are traveling to Mattanchery! In that case, you shouldn’t missout this place – Kayees Rahmathulla Cafe. The restaurant on Gujarati Road in Mattancherry is famous for biriyanis and mutton dishes. Kayees Rahmathulla Cafe opens at 5:00 in the morning and closes by 9:00 in the evening on every day from Sunday to Saturday. This decades-old restaurant serves biriyanis which are rich with ghee, and dry fruits and pineapple. They have another branch near Jose Junction in Ernakulam, but the one in Mattancherry is an icon.

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There are quite a few eateries in Fort Kochi, which have long past to boast about. But only some of them have managed to obtain a heritage value. Kayees Rahmathulla Cafe or ‘Kayikkande Biriyanikkada,’ as it is popularly known, is one such restaurant. Ask any random passer-by in Mattancherry to suggest a good eatery for biriyani, and his reply will be “Try Kayikkande Biriyani.” Such is the fame of the restaurant. Established as early as 1948, this restaurant attracts foodies with an unassuming ambiance and delicious food.

More about Kayees Rahmathulla Cafe

Kayees Rahmathulla Café is known to be a place that has revolutionized the entire concept of biriyani. Kayikka, the owner, churned out biriyanis that suited the Malayalee palate. Several celebrities, including our megastar, Mammooty, will vouch for the authentic taste of Kayees Rahmathulla Café. The reputation of this restaurant has crossed the borders of Kerala. Renowned artist, M F Husain, is one among the celebrities who loved this place. The specialty of Kayikkkande Biriyani is that it is as appealing for commoners as it is for celebrities. You will find many old-timers who will tell stories of coming all the way to Kochi from Alappuzha or Kollam, just to devour Kayyikkande Biriyani.

My Visit To Kayees Rahmathulla Café

It was on a rainy day that I set out to explore Kayees Rahmathulla Café, along with two of my friends. As a die-hard foodie, it was natural for me to feel that excitement about going to a restaurant that has kept people hooked to it for several decades. When we reached there, the first thing I noticed was the modest look of the place. Being a restaurant endorsed by famous people, one would have expected some posh settings. But no, this one looked like a common man’s eatery.

Stepping inside, it was just the same. No formally dressed waiters to show you to your seat, no plush interiors, just neatly arranged tables and chairs, and of course, a tempting aroma that pervaded the place. We ordered mutton biriyani and mutton roast. I had prior information that their mutton delicacies tasted the best. Plus, it was my favorite. Biriyani was delicious, but mutton roast didn’t suit me well. I had heard from many people that nowadays, Kayikkande Biriyani is not what it used to be earlier. The taste has supposedly taken a downturn. This was my first and only visit, and there was no way for me to compare with the earlier taste.

Giving a review of food is a difficult task. Everyone has different priorities when it comes to taste. Based on the food that I tasted from Kayees Rahmathulla Café, I would rate the mutton biriyani as excellent. Biriyani made with long grain rice was lip-smacking. Such tender mutton pieces that simply melt in a single bite! With crispy onions, cashews, and even pineapple shreds sprinkled over it, mutton biriyani was the ultimate. As for mutton roast, I felt the taste of coriander a little piercing, but that could be my personal dislike.

As I mentioned earlier, this is not a luxurious looking restaurant. Don’t go to Kayikkande Biriyani hoping to sink into plush chairs and cushions. They just have the bare minimum arrangements, but everything is neat and clean. The restaurant people won’t receive you with a smile plastered on their faces. But you ask for any food item, and they won’t disappoint you in the matter of taste. It is served neatly too.

I would specifically like to point out that Kayees Rahmathulla Café does not have a dedicated parking space, at least I did not spot one. This is located in a crowded area of Mattancherry. It is a grueling task finding a place to park your vehicle in the rush hours. Even in the restaurant, if your visit is at peak time, you will find it crowded. It is a small restaurant, and so, cannot cater to a big crowd.

If you are willing to accommodate a little parking trouble, don’t hesitate to try out the authentic taste of Kayees Rahmathulla Café.