Kanthari Restaurant on the bypass road in Changanassery is one of the best spots that I have come across for good food and decent ambiance. Here you can try some of the traditional Kerala delicacies and a few fusion delights without burning a hole in your pocket. Lunch or dinner, you can select your favorite time to visit this eatery that serves cassava (tapioca), meals, biriyani, and a lot more.

Our video about Kanthari Restaurant in Changanassery

My Experience with Kanthari Restaurant

I did my pre-degree (plus two) in St. Berchmans College, Changanassery. During my studies, I used to enjoy Biriyani from Mali Restaurant near to the traffic junction in Changanassery (now the restaurant is closed permanently for unknown reasons). Kanthari Restaurant is not a replacement for Mali restaurant, but the making of biriyani there recreated the same old feelings of my college days. I have ordered for Thai grilled chicken as a starter, Paal Kappa (Milky Cassava) that is served with fish curry, Biriyani, and Meen Thilappichathu (boiled fish).
Among all these, I was fond of Thai grilled chicken and meen thilappichathu. Biriyani and paal kappa were good, but not extraordinary.

Ambiance and Location

A well-maintained dining space with a clean and hygienic kitchen is obviously a plus point that I noticed in Kanthari Restaurant, Changanassery. The restaurant is easy to access as it is by the bypass road near to the railway station and has ample parking space. The ambiance obviously needs appreciation. However, during peak hours, you may need to wait for your turn.

Location of Kanthari Restaurant: Bypass Road, near AKM school, Changanassery, Kerala 686101
Location Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/yDqDzkueHgFYgymu9
The restaurant is open from Sunday to Saturday between 12:30 pm and 10:30 pm.

Prices of the dishes that I tried in Kanthari Restaurant, Changanassery

Thai Grilled Chicken: Rs. 170.00
Paal Kappa + Fish Curry: Rs. 160.00
Meen Thilappichathu: As per the type and size of the fish
Chicken Biriyani: Rs. 150.00
Puttu Nirachathu (Beef): Rs. 190.00 [Tried by Able]

By the way, if you are in Kovilpatti in Tamilnadu and wish to try Biriyani, you can try Kovilpatti Rahman Biriyani Restaurant.

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