Garudakari toddy shop or Garudagiri Shappu is one of the famous toddy shops that we can visit by taking a small deviation from Changanassery – Alappuzha Road. The toddy shop that locates close to the lush green paddy fields of Kuttanad offers spectacular views and of course some unique delicacies. The toddy shop along with its family restaurant open from 9:00 am till 9:00 pm every day.

My Experience in Garudakari Toddy Shop

I was there with my friends Unni George and Shameer Thoppil during our collab video schedule in Changanassery region. We set off to Kuttanad by around 6:00 in the morning. Sun was not strong and the paddy fields were ready for the next crop season. After driving through the captivating Kuttanad, sighting the houseboats ready for their day cruise, we decided to explore the taste of Garudakari Toddy Shop.

In the Garudagiri Shaap we decided to try something called “Kuzha”, which I had never heard in my life. It was a preparation similar to porridge where mashed roots including tapioca, yam, purple yam, and others mixed with a curry of beans. With Kuzha the best combination is Fish Curry, especially Kottayam style fish curry.

In Garudakari Toddy Shop we did also try snakehead fish fry which was lovely by taste though slightly expensive. The flavor of black pepper on fried fish was awesome. Unni wanted to try toddy shop meals. They served meals with chicken curry, fish curry, and many other side dishes. Shameer was inclined to tapioca and beef roast.

Price details of the food we tried in Garudakari Toddy Shop

Meals with fish curry and chicken curry: Rs. 100.00
Snakehead fish fry: Rs. 500.00 (seasonal)
Kuzha: Rs. 60.00
Kappa + beef roast: Rs. 230.00

What I liked most among the delicacies that we tried at Garudagiri shaapu is snakehead fish fry. We had also been to other toddy shops like Mullapanthal shaapu in Thrippunithura and Velliyazhchakkavu shaapu in Varkala which were also among our yummy experiences.