On my way to Tamil Nadu for a food tour, I was invited by a friend to try a hotel in Kollam, famous for its seafood varieties. This was how I visited Chandran Pillai Hotel, Kollam. Among the locals, this restaurant is also known as Thirumullavaram Kada.

Food at Chandran Pillai Hotel, Kollam

My friend, Paul, was our host at the hotel. According to him, the hotel is famous for Kerala seafood. So we tried some fish varieties with the traditional Kerala lunch. The spread was good, and fish was delicious. There were prawns, king fish, and several other varieties. Prawns were superbly delicious, and others were good too. Fried fish served in banana leaf gave the typical Kerala seafood experience.

As the food was paid for by my friend, I was unaware of the price aspects. One of my other friends visited the same restaurant a few days later, and opined that some dishes were a bit too expensive. And they have only seafood; other non-vegetarian items like chicken and mutton are totally absent.

Location and Ambience

Chandran Pillai Hotel, Kollam, is located close to Thirumullavaram beach. It is a bit away from the town, and accessibility can be a problem for those who are completely new to the area. Though the restaurant does not have its own dedicated parking space, there is a vast open space nearby, where you can comfortably settle your vehicle. A visit to the beach can be an added attraction, only if you are visiting in the evening hours.

Location Map:

Location map of Chandran Pillai Hotel (Thirumullavaram Kada): http://bit.ly/2q3UW4l

As for the ambience at Thirumullavaram Kada, there is nothing special to boast about. It is a tiny shop, and all you find in the dining area will be a few benches and desks. During peak hours, it can be crowded too.

My review

For the food at Chandran Pillai Hotel, Kollam, I would give an excellent rating. But in other aspects, it has scope for improvement. Though this Kollam seafood restaurant is said to be family-friendly, lack of proper seating space does give you a cramped feeling. It is not a place where you can relax and enjoy with family. Smoke from kitchen is a little disturbing, if you are allergic, this one is not for you.

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Tip: My suggestion to anyone who visits the place is to ask for the price before ordering, as some could be overly priced. Prices are not displayed anywhere. So better be cautious on that aspect, so that it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


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