Biriyani is something that I love to have any day, any time. My love for biriyani once took me to Kayyikka’s Biriyani, which is famous not just in Kerala, but in other states too. So when I heard that Kayikka’s daughter was also an expert in biriyanis, how could I not try that? Named after Kayiika’s wife, Amina, and managed by his daughter, Arifitha, Amina’s Biriyani is relatively new in Kochi.

Taste time

After tasting Kayikka’s biriyani, I had my expectations running high when I went to taste Amina’s Biriyani. I was with my kids, and a friend. I ordered a mutton biriyani for myself and chicken biriyani for my kids. My friend ordered Irachi choru, which means meat rice. They were all delicious. Soft, well-cooked mutton pieces and soft grains of rice melted in my mouth. A big smile on my kids’ faces told the same story.

The best and most unique part of our lunch was the dates’ chutney served with biriyani. Although I normally love eating biriyani in the typical Kerala style (though Biriyani is not a pure Kerala dish, let me call it that way), with papad and lemon, this chutney simply swept me off my feet. I would say, just the dates chutney will give you the value-for-money feel.

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Location and Facilities

Amina’s biriyani is located on a busy roadside in Deshabhimani Road, Kochi. A tiny shop, devoid of any lavish exterior, this restaurant is not likely to catch your eye in an instant. Interiors are modest, enough to accommodate 10 to 15 people at a time. They don’t have a dedicated parking space, which I felt as a drawback.

An interesting fact about them is that biriyanis are not made at the restaurant. Arifitha personally supervises biriyani preparation, which is done at her home in Fort Kochi. So the food here is actually made at home, and served at restaurant.

Location of Amina’s Restaurant:

Desabhimani Rd, Palarivattom, Karukapally, Kaloor, Kochi, Kerala 682017
Location Map:

Price of the items that we tried there:

1. Mutton Biriyani: Rs. 200.00 (USD 2.79)
2. Chicken Biriyani (Full): Rs. 130.00 (USD 1.81)
3. Chicken Biriyani (Single): Rs. 80.00 (USD 1.12)
4. Erachi Choru: Rs. 80.00 (USD 1.12)
5. Special Sulaimani: Rs. 20.00 (USD 0.28)

Few Tips

As the food is not prepared here, they have only limited quantities of all items. Serving starts at 12 noon, and by 2 in the afternoon, most items are over. Keep this in mind when you are visiting.

No parking facilities.

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