Ambika Mess is one among the most popular and much-rated lunch homes in Kozhikode city that serves homely food. If you are in Kozhikode during lunch hours looking for local meals, Ambika Mess is a good option at a moderate price. The restaurant is open from 11:30 am till 3:30 pm serving banana leaf meals and various non-vegetarian curries and fries. It is better to be in the restaurant before 1:00 pm to avail your desired fish fries and other special dishes.

My experience in Ambika Mess, Calicut

Ambika Mess is famous for its simple nadan meals served on banana leaves with a few varieties of vegetarian side dishes. What I enjoyed here the most was the shrimps-coconut chutney that they served with meals. While I enjoyed the meals, with a special order of Aykoora fry (Kingfish fry) my friends tried mathi fry (sardines fry) and natholi fry (anchovy fry).

Aykoora fry was lip-smacking with the flavour of coconut oil standing prominent. A special masala which was prepared with spices, coconut oil, and curry leaves was spread over the fish that offered a unique taste to the dish.

When it comes to the ambience, the restaurant is below average with just ordinary seating arrangements and non-luxurious setup. However, there is a good crowd coming here to enjoy their lunch which is served at Rs. 50.00.

Location map of Ambika Mess, Calicut:

Contact details: On Mavoor Rd, Near Arayidathupalam, Kozhikode, Kerala 673016
Mobile Number: +91 965 692 3282

Prices of delicacies that we tried in Ambika Mess

Meals: Rs. 50.00
Ayakoora fry (Kingfish fry): Rs. 150.00
Mathi fry (Sardines fry): Rs. 70.00
Natholi fry (Anchovy fry): Rs. 70.00

Among the fish fries, Ayakoora (kingfish) fry was the best, though slightly expensive. When you order for a meal, you will get rice served on banana leaves with fish curry and vegetable curry as wet curries and a few more other vegetable dry dishes too.

If you liked the meals of Ambika Mess, you can also try lunch at Amma Hotel in Calicut, which is located just opposite to Ambika Mess.