We all know that shawarma is a popular dish from the Middle East, but if you wish to try the same cuisine in Kochi, a few restaurants may come to your visibility during a search. Al Taza Restaurant in Kochi is one among the most acknowledged shawarma sellers in the city. Located close to the Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium in Kaloor, the restaurant opens at 4:00 pm and serves until 12:00 am. However, expect only shawarma and its variants in addition to the mojitos, shakes, and juices.

My experience in Al Taza Restaurant, Kochi

This restaurant was suggested by a friend who stays at Kaloor to me. He had been to the place before and he liked the featured Al Taza Special chicken shawarma. Based on his suggestion, I did a survey on google reviews and decided to go try the shwarma. I knew the place would be crowded after 6:30 pm, thanks to google reviews, so we hit the place by 4:00 in the evening itself.

Location of Al Taza Shawarma Restaurant in Kochi: http://bit.ly/2KUs32w

Not so spacious the restaurant is, but clean and can accommodate 20 to 25 customers at a time. Most of their customers prefer takeaway, but we needed to try their shawarma in the restaurant itself. The kitchen looked a bit clumsy yet clean.

What we tried there

Our order was for a chicken plate shawarma, Al Taza special chicken shawarma, kiwi mojito, and blackcurrant mojito. Plate shwarma was good though I prefer a bit spicier (that’s my personal preference). However, Al Taza Special chicken shawarma was awesome with extra cheese in it. Mojitos were good too.

Comparatively new among the restaurants in Kochi, Al Taza is doing good at present. If they can manage to keep the waiting time down, they may grab the happiness of customers.

They do also have beef shawarma but we did not try it during our last visit. Al Taza special chicken shawarma was Rs. 170.00 and Plate shawarma chicken was Rs. 190.00. Normal chicken shwarma is priced at Rs. 100.00