As a food vlogger, I keep getting suggestions from viewers to visit specific restaurants. Adaminde Chayakkada in Kozhikode is one such restaurant for which I have been getting many suggestions. So during one of my visits to Kozhikode, I decided to try out Adaminde Chayakkada.


When I checked the reviews for Adaminde Chayakkada, first thing everyone applauded was the ambience of the restaurant. On reaching there, I found this to be entirely justified. This restaurant is uniquely themed, like an old movie setting. Many name boards were displayed outside the restaurant, each referring to a unique dish of theirs.

Stepping inside, I found air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned sitting facilities. Old tape recorders, kettles, and other curios were neatly kept on shelves. Everything took us back to another era. With a soft lighting and cozy décor, it is designed in a way that pleases guests.

My review for food

I went to Adaminde Chayakkada with my friend, Shabeer. Between us, we ordered several items. The first thing that struck me in the menu was the uniqueness of the names of dishes. Some so different that you keep wondering what to expect! So we decided to play safe, and ordered some dishes which were generally recommended.

When our Mapranam fish curry arrived, I was a little surprised. It was served in a mud pan, and another mud pan was on top of it, with charcoal in it. Tempting aroma oozed out from the pot. The curry was definitely tasty. Another delicacy, Tower Pathiri, had many layers of rice pathiri arranged like a tower, with minced chicken pieces between the layers. It was also equally good. Shabeer had beef pollichathu, which he found to be tasty.

A fitting end to our feast, we tried four varieties of their tea. The best was litchi tea with milk. It was so delicious that I felt like ordering more of it. Other varieties were good too. But I felt that the saffron tea was just average.

Location of Adaminde Chayakkada

Beach Road,
Opposite Kozhikode Corporation Office,
Location Map:

Price of dishes that we tried from Adaminde Chayakkada

Mapranam Fish Curry: Rs.450.00
Kannu Vecha Pathiri: Rs.18.00
Tower Pathiri (chicken): Rs.180.00
Beef Pollichathu: Rs.180.00
Saffron Black Tea: Rs.55.00
Special Tea: Rs.60.00

Tips for guests

As already said, almost all dishes have unique names; some of them give us no clue as to the contents. So better get proper information about the ingredients before jumping at fancy names. In the air-conditioned sitting area, seats are made out of jute sacks. If you are allergic to them like me, you can choose the normal seating.

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